Assignment: #sorting Due: 04/28/02019 Points: 3


Part 0

Using as a codebase, change the method names   foo goo moo boo poo   such that their names indicate the type of comparison sort they implement.

Example: Classmate Edith Foogooman changed (renamed) foo() to bubbleSort().

In addition, in the method comment block for each method, briefly explain how you decided to give the method its new name.

Example: Classmate Zelmo Z. Zeroman wrote the following method comment block for method foo().

    * foo() was renamed bubbleSort() because I guessed 
    * that the code was an implementation of bubble sort.

Note: Zelmo lost almost an improper-fraction of a point for his bubbleSort() method comment block.

Part I

Implement the given counting_sort() method such that it sorts an array of type byte where the elements are in the [Byte.MIN_VALUE, Byte.MAX_VALUE] interval.

Important note: The sort must be an implementation of a Counting Sort algorithm.

Part II

Submit your modified copy of as if it was a programming assignment. Submitted programs must compile and produce the correct output.