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#day0 (preassessment)...

CSC110 -- Introduction to Computer Science (Java) -- is the prerequisite (predecessor) course for CSC205. Note: Intermediate Algebra (MAT12X) is a prerequisite for CSC110.

  1. What is Computer Science?

  2. What is Java?

  3. Who created Java?

  4. What is a class?

  5. Why are classes called classes?

  6. What is an object?

  7. What is a method?

  8. Briefly explain the primary difference between a linear function and an exponential function.

  9. Do you know logarithms?

  10. Do you know how to convert numbers from one number system to another number system?

  11. Briefly explain the Java compilation process.

  12. Briefly explain the I/O streams standard input, standard output, and standard error.

  13. What is a variable?

  14. What is an array?

  15. Evaluate:    true && false || true && true    [operator precedence]

  16. Assume a and b are boolean variables. [DeMorgan's Laws]
    No or Yes:    !(a && b)   equals   !a || !b