Assignment: #AmusementRide Due: 02/25/2018 Points: 5


Copy the program to your computer and add your own class that extends class AmusementRide.

Note: contains two classes (class FerrisWheel and class RollerCoaster) that provide examples for the class you must create.

Your class must include the following.

The main() method in abstract class AmusementRide must keep the class FerrisWheel and class RollerCoaster objects. The method must also keep the following behavior:

   // pseudo-code...
   if (obj.start())

However, the main() method must be changed to so that it exploits polymorphism. [hint: array]

The first four lines of the program's output must match the following.

Ferris wheel "The Billy Preston" has capacity of 50 and costs $6.28
...height: 100; # of spins: 0
Roller coaster "for(;;) Young" has capacity of 32 and costs $3.14
...maxSpeed: 99; trackLength: 25; whiplashFactor: 1.618