Assignment: #Thanksgiving Due: 11/21/02018 by 1:50pm MST Bonus Points: 2
Beware of the one line specification...

Write a class When that prints to the standard output stream the date of the nth DAY of MONTH in YEAR.

   [side-bar]  Thanksgiving is on the 4th Thursday of November.
               In 2018, the 4th Thursday of November is 11/22/2018.

Note: The inputs can be either command-line arguments or collected using a class Scanner object. Inputs do not need to be checked for saneness.

Examples using command-line arguments:

   shell-prompt:  java When
   usage:  java When which_number day_of_week month year
           where which_number is either 1=>1st, 2=>2nd, 3=>3rd...
                 day_of_week is 0=>Sunday, 1=>Monday, 2=>Tuesday...
                 month is 1=>January, 2=>February, 3=>March...
                 year is some 4-digit positive integer

   shell-prompt:  java When 4 4 11 2018
   The 4th Thursday of November in 2018 is 11/22/2018.

   shell-prompt:  java When 1 0 1 2018
   The 1st Sunday of January in 2018 is 1/7/2018.

   shell-prompt:  java When 2 2 2 2018
   The 2nd Tuesday of February in 2018 is 2/13/2018.

   shell-prompt:  java When 3 6 12 2018
   The 3rd Saturday of December in 2018 is 12/15/2018.

   shell-prompt:  java When 5 5 5 2018
   There are not 5 Fridays in May of 2018.
   shell-prompt:  java When 5 5 5 2019
   The 5th Friday of May in 2019 is 5/31/2019.