CSC205::Assignments::Spring 2017
Object Oriented Programming and Data Structures

  Name   AssignedDue DatePointsDescription
#Q 03/21 04/02 5 Use Java's class LinkedList to implement a Queue ADT.
#MySet 02/28 03/25 5 Implement a class MySet to help learn about the Set data structure.
#Pi 02/28 03/14 3.14 Celebrate Pi Day 2017 with Java.
#WoodallNumbers 02/21 03/11 3 Modify a Java application the generates and prints the first few Woodall Numbers.
#IntList 02/14 03/04 5 Implement some class IntList instance methods. class IntList is a List data structure.
#BitOperators 02/07 02/25 3 Write a program that implements an interface and uses some of Java's bit-wise operators.
#RecursionPlay 01/31 02/18 5 Design and implement some methods that use recursion.
#ValleyPeak 01/31 02/11 3 Implement a method that finds the valleys and peaks in an array of integers.
#VintonCerf 01/31 02/06 3 Read an AARP inverview with Vinton Cerf.
#GuessingGame 01/17 02/05 5 Write a Java application that enables the user to play a number guessing game.
#ExtremelyOddNumbers 01/17 01/28 5 Write a Java application that checks if an odd number is an "extremely odd" (and "super extremely odd") number.
#BrianKernighan 01/17 01/25 3 This assignment let's students get an opportunity to learn from Brian Kernighan. This is not a programming assignment.
#MakeHelloWorld 01/17 01/22 3 Write a Java application that prints a public class HelloWorld application that when compiled and executed prints the phrase "hello, world" followed by a newline to the standard output stream.
#email 01/17 01/19 0 Create an CSC205 email connection with the instructor.

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