CSC205::Object Oriented Programming and Data Structures::Fall 2017
(using the Java programming language)

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#FinalAssessment: Tuesday, 12 December 2017, at 11:30am.
Seventeen17 #FinalAssessment is Tuesday, 12 December 2017, at 11:30am. Attendance is required. [There is no class on Thursday.] Assignment(s): All assignments have been assigned.
Sixteen16 Finish quick sort. Introduction to 2-3-4 trees. Assignment(s): All assignments have been assigned.
Fifteen15 Review RPN calculator. Quick sort. Assignment(s): All assignments have been assigned. Code
Fourteen14 Continue with trees (binary search trees; tree traversals). Expression trees. Assignment(s): All assignments have been assigned. Code | {output}
Thirteen13 Introduction to trees. Assignment(s): [program] #CountingSort and [program] #RadixSort and [assessment] #assessment0 and [assessment] #assessment1 and [program] #BST and [essay] #ComputingEthics Code {output} | {output}
Twelve12 Continue with linked-lists. Searching and sorting. Assignment(s): [program] #MyDoublyLinkedList and [assessment] #AssessmentQuestions Code | | | {simpler code) | | | | | |
Eleven11 Linked-lists. Searching (linear and binary). Introduction to sorting. Assignment(s): [program] #MyLinkedList Code {OOP version}
Ten10 Finish queues. Linked-Lists. Sorting and searching. Assignment(s): [assessment] #Timer and [program] #Q Code | | ( | | |
Nine9 Data structures: set, stack, and queue. Assignment(s): #MySet Code [stack] | | | |
Eight8 Continue with multi-dimensional arrays. The list data structure. Assignment(s): [program] #IntList and [program] #Pi Code [multi-dimensional arrays] | | [memory/heap/stack] [static main() methods] | [list]
Seven7 Continue with recursion. Continue with interfaces. Introduction the multi-dimensional arrays. Introduce memory usage. Assignment(s): [program] #RomanNumeral Code | [recursion continued] | | {} [interfaces] | | { |} | { |} CSC205_Containers
Six6 Finish exceptions. Recursion. Assignment(s): #PasswordGiver Code [finish] | [recursion] | | |
Five5 Continue learning about OOP. Continue with interfaces using #GuessingGame. Introduction the exceptions. Assignment(s): [program] #WoodallNumbers and [program] #RecursionPlay Code [finish] | |
Four4 Continue with arrays. Introduction to exceptions. Introduction to recursion. Introduction to interfaces. Assignment(s): [program] [program] #ValleyPeak and [program] #BitOperators Code | (arrays) |
Three3 Review arrays (array of primitive data, array of objects, passing arrays to methods, using array parameters, returning arrays from methods). Introduction to class Vector. Assignment(s): #GuessingGame Code | |
Two2 Continue review of course competencies one and two with emphasis on classes and OOP. Review arrays. Assignment(s): [assessment] #VintonCerf and [program] #ExtremelyOddNumbers Code |
One1 Review the syllabus. Review course competencies one and two. Assignment(s): [assessment] #email and [program] #MakeHelloWorld and [assessment] #BrianKernighan Handout(s): CSC205 Syllabus and About CSC205 and How To Submit Assignments Code:
Zero0 Start date: Tuesday, 22 August 2017.