CSC205::Object Oriented Programming and Data Structures::Spring 02018
(using the Java programming language)

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#FinalAssessment: Monday, 7 May 02018, at 3:30pm.
Six6 Exceptions. Multi-dimensional arrays. Interfaces. Recursion. Assignment(s): #JohnPerryBarlow and #RecursionPlay Code | | | | | | | | | | | | CSC205_Containers | | | | | | | {}
Five5 4-point #assessment1 will be given on Wednesday. Continue learning about OOP. Introduction the exceptions. Assignment(s): [program] #AmusementRide Code | |
Four4 Continue with arrays. Introduction to exceptions. Introduction to interfaces. Assignment(s): [reading] #MaryLeeBernersLee and [program] #ValleyPeakPlateau Code | [finish] | | [finish] | | |
Three3 4-point #assessment0 will be given on Wednesday. Continue with OOP. Arrays. Assignment(s): [reading] #BrianKernighan and [program] #Stats Code | | |
Two2 Review #day0 assessment. Continue review of course competencies one and two with emphasis on classes and OOP. Who is Marvin Minksy? Assignment(s): [reading] #VintonCerf and [program] #NudeHarshadZuckerman and [program] #ArrayPlay Code |
One1 Review the syllabus. Review course competencies one and two. Assignment(s): [assessment] #day0 and #email and [program] #MakeHelloWorld Handout(s): CSC205 Syllabus and About CSC205 and How To Submit Assignments Code:
Zero0 Class started on Wednesday, 1/17/02018.