CSC110AB::Handout::About the Course

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MCCCD Official Course Description for CSC110AB.

   "Concepts of problem-solving, structured and object-oriented 
    programming in Java, fundamental algorithms and techniques 
    and computer system concepts. Social and ethical responsibilities. 
    Intended for Computer Science and Computer Systems Engineering Majors."

    Prerequisites: A grade of C or better in MAT120 or MAT121 or MAT122.

MCCCD Official Course Competencies for CSC110AB.

   1.  Describe computer hardware and an operating system.
   2.  Use an interpreter and associated utility programs to create 
       and run programs in Java. 
   3.  Develop and implement algorithms using top-down design with 
       stepwise refinement.
   4.  Develop and implement well-structured programs. 
   5.  Develop and implement Java programs using control structures, 
       functions, various data types, arrays, and structures. 
   6.  Explain Java classes and their use. 
   7.  Develop and implement Java programs using exception handling.
   8.  Present arguments for and against an ethical issue 
       related to computing.
[Student Advisement] When CS != CS

First, in the computing world the exclamation point ! frequently represents not. For example: 3 != 5 (3 is not equal to 5) and !empty (is read not empty; and semantically it means empty is a variable that has a value != 0).

Many degrees and certificates offered by the Maricopa Community Colleges require students to earn CS credits. In this case the CS stands for Computer Statistics. The Maricopa Community Colleges have numerous courses that satisfy the CS requirement.

The Maricopa Community Colleges offer numerous Computer Science Courses (CSC). These courses have a CSC suffix. Most CSC courses satisfy the Computer Statistics requirement. CSC110 is an Introduction to Computer Science course that is intended for Computer Science (CS) and Computer Science Engineering (CSE) majors.

It has been my experience that many students take a CSC class in order to satisfy the Maricopa Community College's CS requirement. If a student has zero interest in CS (Computer Science), then I strongly recommend that they do not take a CSC class in order to satisfy their CS (Computer Statistics) requirement.