Assignment: #sort2numbers Due: 02/24/02019 Points: 3


This program loops three times.

Do the following for each loop cycle:

	prompt the user to enter two space delimited integers
	print the two numbers in ascending order (smallest-to-largest)
	add the entered numbers to an accumulator variable

The body of the loop can contain only two System.out statements: one to print the prompt and one to print the sorted numbers.

The sum of the entered numbers and their average is printed prior to the program exiting.

Example inputs/outputs.

enter two integers (n n): 3 5
3 5 sorted is 3 5

enter two integers (n n): 7 2 
7 2 sorted is 2 7

enter two integers (n n): 4 4 
4 4 sorted is 4 4

sum of all numbers entered: 25
average of the numbers entered: 4.1666665