Assignment: #helloworld Due: 02/03/02019 Points: 3
Part 0

If you do not a Java IDE installed on your computer and your not using an online IDE (e.g., then download and install the Eclipse IDE.

Part 1

Write a Java application that prints the following three lines of output to the standard output stream.

The first line of output...
   Hello, world! This is YOUR_FULL_NAME_GOES_HERE saying "hello, world".

Note: Double quotes must be used around the second "hello, world".

The second line of output...

The second line of output is a blank line.

The third line of output...
   \k is an invalid (illegal) escape sequence.

Example Output for Edith Foogooman
   Hello, world! This is Edith Foogooman saying "hello, world".

   \k is an invalid (illegal) escape sequence.