No late submissions will be accepted.
Assignment: #FinalAssessment Due: 05/06/02019 Points: 25


[0] Receive a printed copy of the #FinalAssessment at 
    9:30am MST on Monday, 6 May 02019.

[1] Record your answers for #FinalAssessment in a plain-old-text
    file (i.e. dot-txt format). 

[2] Submit #FinalAssessment via email just like other assessments.  
    Your subject-line should be formatted correctly and make sure
    your dot-txt file is attached.  In addition, the body of your 
    email message must contain the following two acknowledgments.

       I acknowledge that I did not collaborate/consult with 
       classmates/tutors/friends/family/et al.  on this assessment.

       I acknowledge that I did not execute any of the source code given 
       in this assessment on any computer/device/website/et al.

    #FinalAssessment must be submitted by 23:59:59 MST on Monday, 06 May 02019.