Assignment: #assessment0 Due: 01/25/02019 Points: 2

All uses of the word Java in the following questions imply the Java programming language.

  1. What was Java's original name?

  2. Who was the "father" (creator) of Java?

  3. Where were the C and C++ programming languages created?

  4. Java was created at what company?

  5. These days Java is "owned" by what company?

  6. The Netscape web browser evolved from another web browser called Mosaic. Who was the primary creator of Mosaic?

  7. About six months after the release of the Netscape browser, what company created the Internet Explorer browser?

  8. No or Yes: Java is older than C++.

  9. What does WWW stand for?

  10. Who is considered the "father" of the WWW?

  11. Java is from what generation of programming languages?

  12. Who invented the computer mouse?

  13. What is the program called that "converts" Java source code into bytecode?

  14. What is the program called that "executes" a bytecode dot-class file?

  15. What does JVM stand for?

  16. What event took place in 1957 that caused the "seed" for the Internet to be created?