CSC110AB::Introduction to Computer Science::Spring 02019
(using the Java programming language)

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#FinalAssessment is Monday, 6 May 2019, at 9:30am.
Two2 Java compilation process. Java keywords. Escape sequences. Defining variables. Primitive data types. Constants. Define terms: Expression, Operand, Operator. Arithmetic operators. Assignment(s): [assessment] #assessment1 and [program] #helloworld and [program] #arithmetic Code | | | | | |
One1 Review the syllabus. Discuss what it takes to successfully complete the course. Demonstrate the CSC110 website. What is a computer? What are bits, bytes and words? Computer programming languages. History of programming languages. An overview of program development. Introduction to the compilation process. Assignment(s): [reading] read the handouts and [assessment] #email and [assessment] #assessment0 Handout(s): CSC110AB Syllabus and About CSC110AB and How To Submit Assignments Code: | |
Zero (0) This class starts on Monday, 14 January 02019.