How To Submit Assignments

All assignments are uniquely identified by #hashtag.

Assignments are submitted via emails sent to

An assignment email should have a subject-line formatted as follows.

      #AssignmentHashtag csc100 FirstName LastName

Example. CSC100 student Zelmo Zeroman submitting the assignment hashtagged #sorting would send an email having the subject-line:

	#sorting csc100 Zelmo Zeroman

Assignments are due by midnight on their scheduled due date. Late assignments can be subjected to late-fees (i.e. point deductions).

Assignments can be submitted early.

nanofoo replies to email messages after assignments have been evaluated. It can take a few days (3-4) before assignments are evaluated.

About Programming Assignments

Programs are submitted as email file attachments. The attached files must be in a dot-txt (plain-old-text) format.

Programs that do not compile receive zero credit.

Source code files must start with a file comment block. The file comment block includes two items: (1) A description of what the program does written in English. (2) Your full name.