CSC100AA::Handout::About the Course

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MCCCD Official Course Description for CSC100AA.

   "Concepts of problem solving, structured programming in C++, 
    fundamental algorithms and techniques, and computer science 
    concepts.  Social and ethical responsibilities. 
    Prerequisites: MAT120, or MAT121, or MAT122."

MCCCD Official Course Competencies for CSC100AA.

   1. Describe computer hardware and an operating system. 
   2. Use a compiler and associated utility programs to 
      create and run programs in C++. 
   3. Develop and implement algorithms using top-down design 
      with stepwise refinement. 
   4. Develop and implement well-structured programs. 
   5. Develop and implement C++ programs using control structures, 
      functions, various data types, arrays, and structures. 
   6. Explain C++ classes and their use. 
   7. Present arguments for and against an ethical issue 
      related to computing.