Assignment: #tempconverter Due: 02/23/02019 Points: 3


Using the cerr object, prompt the user to enter a temperature in °F (i.e. Fahrenheit).

   enter degree Fahrenheit temperature (integer only):

Define a variable named tempF of type int.

Using the cin object, copy the user input to the tempF variable

Define two variables of type double named tempC and tempK.

Convert the user entered °F value to Celsius and Kelvin storing the results in their respective variables. The following conversion formulas need to be converted to C++.

   °C = (°F - 32) * 5/9
    K = (°F + 459.67) * 5/9

Divide the user entered °F value by 2.718. Assume the quotient is °C and convert it to °F.

Multiply the user entered °F value by 1.618. Assume the product is Kelvin and convert it to °F.

If the user input is 72, then the output of your program should look as follows.

   72 degree Fahrenheit in degree Celsius is 22.2222
   72 degree Fahrenheit in Kelvin is 295.372
   26.4901 degree Celsius in degree Fahrenheit is 79.6821
   116.496 Kelvin in degree Fahrenheit is -249.977