Assignment: #ComputingEthics Due: 05/07/02018 Points: 3

Ethics in Computing

The following is one of the CSC100 course competencies.

   Present arguments for and against an ethical issue related to computing.

Write a short essay (minimum 1.5 printed pages) about the "ethics" of any computing topic(s) you find interesting.

Your essay must include a definition for the word ethic(s).

The following are some example topics.

   Should software be installed on your computer without your okay?

   Should spammers be categorized as criminals?

   Should teachers have access to student information such as
   addresses and social security numbers?

   Should downloading your favorite song/movie for your own personal 
   use make you a criminal?

   Should people entering the U.S.A. be chipped with a RFID tag?

   Should your ISP (Internet Service Provider) keep a log of all
   the websites you visit and share this information to others?

   Should web services such as Google and Amazon and Yahoo! keep
   track of your Internet usage to provide targeted advertising?

   Should companies be fined if their computer systems are cracked?

   From the Communications of the ACM (April 2012)...
   Is Human Mobility Tracking a Good Idea?

   Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA; H.R. 3523) ???

   Did Russian crackers influence the 2016 U.S. Presidential election?

   Should the distributors of "fake news" be considered criminals?

   Etc., etc., etc.

Write about of of the aforementioned topics or pick your own computing-related topic.