Assignment: #VintonCerf Due: 03/02/02019 Points: 2


Read (and watch the embedded video)... Man Behind the Internet: A chat with worldwide pioneer Vinton Cerf [by David Frank]

Complete the Following Vinton Cerf Quotes
  1. "And programming computers was so fascinating. ________________________________."

  2. "The people who were building it were a bunch of engineers -- pretty much a homogenous bunch of geeks, and all we wanted was to _________________________."

  3. "We really have to accept the responsibility in this online environment to ___________________ about what we are seeing and hearing, and deliberately pay attention to the other side of the argument."

  4. "So people who talk about the bugaboo of AI and the robots taking over, I think, are simply painting an ________________________."

  5. "So we may find people not writing fiction, for example, but ____________________________________________."

  6. With respect to retiring, Cerf says... "For me, personally, the _____________________________ makes a huge difference."