Assignment: #BlytheCA Due: 10/03/02018 Points: 3

Binary Driving Instructions--Tempe AZ to Blythe CA

This note contains driving directions between Tempe, Arizona, and Blythe, California, using the binary (base-2) number system.

From Guadalupe and Price roads in Tempe, drive north 1102 miles on Loop-Binary5. Go west about 10102 miles on Loop-110010102 until it merges into I-Binary2. Head west on I-Binary2 for approximately 100100102 miles to Blythe, California.

Note: The notation Binary8 implies to write 8 in base-2 (i.e. 1000). Another example: Binary3 implies to write 3 in base-2 (i.e. 11).

  1. Rewrite the driving directions using decimal (base-10) numbers rather than binary numbers.

  2. Record, in binary (base-2), the total miles driven round-trip Tempe to Blythe to Tempe.

  3. The Loop-101 that is just west of the SCC campus would be the Loop-______ if 101 (base-10) was converted into octal.

Update::13 March 2018

Compufoo's Pi Day 2018 celebration took him to Blythe, California, and he found a great breakfast burrito spot and an outstanding mural.