About the Mid-Semester Assessment

The syllabus stated that a 10-point mid-semester inclass assessment was going to be given.

It has been decided not to do the 10-point mid-semester assessment and instead split the eight points into three or four take-home assessments.

From the syllabus reviewed at the start of the semester.

A maximum of 100 points can be earned by 
completing numerous types of assignments.

   60 points... programming assignments
   16 points... assessments
   10 points... mid-semester inclass assessment 
    4 points... computing ethics essay 
   10 points... final inclass assessment 

To date, 39 of the 60 points allocated for "programming assignments" have been assigned (leaving 21 points yet to be assigned).

To date, 13 of the 16 points allocated for "assessments" have been assigned (leaving 3 points yet to be assigned). The 10 mid-semester points are being added to the "assessments" points (leaving 13 yet to be assigned).

   60 points... programming assignments        [39 done]
   26 points... assessments                    [13 done]
    4 points... computing ethics essay 
   10 points... final assessment [inclass on 12/13/2017]

I don't know how the remaining 13 "assessment" points will be allocated; however, I am anticipating that at least a couple of 2-pointer assessments will be used to motivate preparation for the 10-point final assessment.