Assignment: #assessment2 Due: 02/09/02019 Points: 2

  1. Briefly explain what is a keyword.

  2. Every C and C++ program must have a function named what?

  3. By convention, C source file names end with dot-what?

  4. By convention, C++ source file names end with dot-what?

  5. C and C++ statements are terminated by what character?

  6. Briefly explain what a variable is.

  7. List the rules for properly naming C and C++ variables.

  8. No or Yes: /* this is a C and C++ comment */

  9. The word bit is short for what?

  10. Bits are grouped into what?

  11. Who is the father of C?

  12. Who is the father of C++?

  13. The C and C++ compilers create an executable file only if the source code is correct with respect to what?

  14. List the integral data types in C++.

  15. List the floating-point data types in C++.

  16. The expression cout << 42 evaluates to what?