Assignment: #assessment1 Due: 02/02/02019 Points: 2
  1. A bit is a ___________________ digit.

  2. Bits are grouped into what are called __________.

  3. Most computing systems have ____ bits per byte.

  4. Computers use the binary (or base-_____) number system.

  5. ______________________________ created the C programming language.

  6. ______________________________ created the C++ programming language.

  7. C++ is a _______-generation programming language.

  8. Briefly explain what a variable is.

  9. The mouse, joystick, keyboard are examples of ___________ devices.

  10. ____________________________ invented the computer mouse.

  11. 2019 divided-by zero equals _________.

  12. CPU stands for ___________________________________________.

  13. C++ source code files get ________________ into executable files.

  14. Provide a definition for the word software.

  15. The World Wide Web is an Internet-based application. List the first three Internet-based applications that were widely used.

  16. Briefly explain what an operating system is.

  17. 143.5 quadrillion written as a whole number is ______________________________________________.

  18. Briefly (i.e. one or two paragraphs) describe some of things you do with a computer.