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Introduction to Computer Science (C++)

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#FinalAssessment: Monday, 7 May 02018, at 11:30am
Four4 Precedence and associativity. The if statement and else clause. Relational operators. Assignment(s): [program] #tempconverter and [program] #yyyymmdd Code: arithmetic.cpp | years.cpp | years2.cpp | years3.cpp | Expressions0.cpp | Expressions1.cpp | if0.cpp | if1.cpp
Three3 Quickie on escape sequences. About the cout object. About the cin object. Arithmetic operators. Introduction to precedence and associativity. Relational operators. The if statement and else clause. Assignment(s): [assessment] #BrianKernighan and [assessment] #VintonCerft and [program] #arithmetic Code: BadHelloWorld.cpp | PrimitiveTypes.cpp | PrimitiveTypes.cpp | Constants.cpp | ArithOps.cpp
Two2 C++ compilation process. Keywords. Primitive data types. Constants. Arithmetic operators. Assignment(s): #assessment1 and [program] #helloworld Code: HelloWorld.cpp | HelloWorld.c | new C++ program template
One1 Review the syllabus. Introduce the website. Brief review of computing history. The "hello world" program. What's a computer? (bits, bytes, base-10, base-2). Handout(s): CSC100Syllabus and AboutCSC100 and HowToSubmitAssignments and DevC++IDE Code: HelloWorld.cpp Assignment(s): read the handouts and #email and #assessment0
Zero0 Start date: Monday, 29 January 2018.