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Chicago and Alabama Promoting CS Education
Kudos Chicago! (Chicago Public Schools) to make computer science a core subject

Kudos Alabama! to learn computer coding? Alabama now counts it as a math course toward high school graduation

[27 December 2013, top]

We Need the CPSR Now More Than Ever

[15 December 2013, top]

Andy Rubin Added To the GDT::DreamTeam
Andy Rubin was the Fall 2013 addition to the GDT::DreamTeam.


   "Andrew E. Rubin is the co-founder and former CEO of both Danger Inc. 
    and Android Inc. He was formerly Senior Vice President of Mobile and 
    Digital Content at Google until March 2013, where he oversaw development 
    of Android, an open-source operating system for smartphones."

Over the span of the last few months I had multiple Andy Rubin moments. It was the following (and most recent) moment to prompted me to make Rubin a DreamTeam member.

@nanofoo received the following tweet from @arubin on 2013.12.13.

   The future is looking awesome!

On 14 December 2013, at 6:19am MST, @Arubin on Twitter had 14 tweets, 63,406 followers, and he was following one (1). Upon seeing these numbers I immediately asked: Who is Andy Rubin following?" [He was following @Rie_R (Rie Rubin).] Note: In the span of seven minutes @Arubin's followers count increased by 17 followers to 64,423.]

[14 December 2013, top]

Google Buys Boston Dynamics
@nanofoo received the following tweet from @arubin on 2013.12.13.
   The future is looking awesome!


   "Google confirmed on Friday [13 Dec 2013] that it had completed the 
    acquisition of Boston Dynamics, an engineering company that has 
    designed mobile research robots for the Pentagon." -- John Markoff


   "Boston Dynamics is an engineering company that specializes in building 
    dynamic robots and software for human simulation. The company began as 
    a spin-off from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where National 
    Academy of Engineering member Marc Raibert and his colleagues first 
    developed robots that ran and maneuvered like animals. They founded 
    the company in 1992, and their ground-breaking work continues to 
    inspire several of the company's activities." --

#Google #robotics #BostonDynamics

[14 December 2013, top]

Google Doodle Honors Grace Hopper

[09 December 2013, top]

CS50x at Harvard College (Intro to CS)
I need to look at this course at Harvard University. Interesting title: "An introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming." to Computer Science

[08 December 2013, top]

I Have a New Found Respect For Steve Jobs

[04 December 2013, top]

Being a Newbie At Programming is Hard

[24 November 2013, top]

Alan Turing's Pilot Ace Computer

[05 October 2013, top]

Bioinformatics Algorithms MOOR

[04 October 2013, top]

Meg Whitman Might Be Added To My DreamTeam

[13 September 2013, top]

Great Quotes At

[10 September 2013, top]

Google Inc. Incorporated on 4 Sep 1998 Google's First 21 Employees: Where Are They Now?

[07 September 2013, top]

Elon Musk is a Honorary GDT::DreamTeam Member

[26 August 2013, top]

Stephen Wolfram Added To the GDT::DreamTeam
Stephen Wolfram was the Summer 2013 addition to the GDT::DreamTeam. [Note: This addition took place near the start of the fall semester.]

Wolfram, who was born on 29 August 1959, is a British scientist who created Mathematica and the Wolfram|Alpha Computational Knowledge Engine.

[24 August 2013, top]

R.I.P. Doug Engelbart
Doug Engelbart died on 2 July 2013. to Doug Engelbart from the Press on his passing

[05 July 2013, top]

I remember using typewriters.
   "The Carriage Return (CR) and Line Feed (LF) terms derive from 
    manual typewriters, and old printers based on typewriter-like 
    mechanisms." -- Jeff Atwood at Great Newline Schism [18 January 2010]

[14 June 2013, top]

Building the Web Together via Google Chrome

[20 May 2013, top]

Ivan Sutherland Added To the GDT::DreamTeam
Ivan Sutherland is the Spring 2013 addition to the GDT::DreamTeam.

Sutherland received the ACM Turing Award in 1988 for inventing Sketchpad. Ivan is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and the National Academy of Sciences. In 2012, Ivan Sutherland was awarded the Kyoto Prize in Advanced Technology for "pioneering achievements in the development of computer graphics and interactive interfaces".

In May 2013, Ivan Sutherland was a scientist at Portland State's Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science.

[07 May 2013, top]

I've Always Liked the ATM
When it comes to human-machine interfaces, I've always been awed by the ATM. the ATM Revolutionized the Banking Business

[28 March 2013, top]

@compufoo Tweet Count Hits 3000

[24 March 2013, top]

Words, Words, Words

[16 February 2013, top]

Ray Kurzweil Turns 65 Years Young
Ray Kurzweil turned 65 years of age today (2/13).

Kurzweil is on the GDT::DreamTeam and these days he's the Director of Engineering at Google.

[13 February 2013, top]

Is Twitter a Waste of Time?
I hadn't looked at Twitter for a while, but when I did I all of sudden starting learning about fun stuff. While scrolling through tweets (newest-to-oldest), I eventually hit the following tweet by @StateOfSearch.
   Is Twitter a Waste of Time? (infographic) - (A)

Is Twitter a waste of time? Depends on whom you follow.

[13 February 2013, top]

Thompson 65, Facebook 9
Two computer history moments that I missed yesterday (Feb. 4th): Ken Thompson turned 65 and Facebook turned 9.

[05 February 2013, top]

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