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Approaching Infinite Computing on Exascale Day
Today (10/18) is Exascale Day and I prepared a 20-minute talked titled Approaching Infinite Computing to celebrate the day.

[18 October 2012, top]

Ada Lovelace Day
Today (10/16) is Ada Lovelace Day and I prepared a 20-minute talked titled Women in Computing to celebrate the day.

[16 October 2012, top]

Happy Birthday Fortran
Fortran hits 56 years of age. 15, 1956: Fortran Forever Changes Computing's Fortunes

[15 October 2012, top]

Number System Moment on October 2nd
Base-10/base-2 moment on October 2nd (10/2). Observe... 102=2

Hmm... After posting this Computing::Bit, I realized the following is true.

   10/day... 10day = day
   10/2..... 102 = 2
   10/3..... 103 = 3
   10/4..... 104 = 4
   10/5..... 105 = 5
   10/31.... 1031 = 31

[02 October 2012, top]

IT Skills For 2013
The following comment has been true for a long time.
   "Technology and software are great ways for companies to 
    improve productivity, lower costs, and create better 
    Web presence." -- John Reed Hot IT Skills for 2013

[26 September 2012, top]

Virginia Rometty Added To the GDT::DreamTeam
Ginni Rometty become President and Chief Executive Officer of IBM on 1 January 2012.

   "Ginni got it because she deserved it. It's got zero to do with 
    progressive social policies," said Samuel Palmisano upon naming
    Roemetty has his replacement as President and CEO of IBM In 2012, 
    Palmisano remained Chairman of IBM's Board of Directors.

In 1979, Ms. Rometty was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree with high honors in computer science and electrical engineering from Northwestern University.

On 20 September 2012, IBM stock was at $206.06 giving the company an approximate market value of $235.2 billion.

On 20 September 2012, Ginni Rometty was ranked number one on Fortune Magazine's list of 50 Most Powerful Women in Business.

[22 September 2012, top]

1 Google Search = Entire Apollo Program
It is amazing what NASA was able to accomplish back in 1969.
   "It takes about the same amount of computing to answer one 
    Google Search query as all the computing done -- in flight 
    and on the ground -- for the entire Apollo program!" power of the Apollo missions in a single Google search

[28 August 2012, top]

The Mainframe Lives
On 16 August 2012, the business section of the Arizona Republic had an article titled "Computer firms try to grow mainframe talent".
   "The skills shortage has prompted Detroit-based Compuware
    to team up with several Michigan universities to provide
    free mainframe software development training courses."
    [source: Arizona Republic via Detroit Free Press]

Yes. It's true. Mainframe computers are alive and well here in 2012.

[18 August 2012, top]

Marissa Mayer Added To The GDT::DreamTeam
Marissa Mayer was the Summer 2012 addition to the GDT::DreamTeam.

On 16 July 2012, at the age of 37, Marissa Mayer became the president and CEO of Yahoo!.

Prior to becoming the Chief Yahoo!, Mayer was a Vice President at Google. Back in 1999 Mayer became Googler number 20 and Google's first female engineer. From CNN Tech at "Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin reportedly asked her: 'How would you write a spell-check program when you have a vocabulary so big it won't fit in a computer?'"

Marissa Mayer is currently on the Board of Directors of Wal-Mart.

The following was copied from the Wikipedia.

   "Mayer graduated with honors from Stanford University with a B.S. 
    in symbolic systems and an M.S. in computer science. For both 
    degrees, she specialized in artificial intelligence. In 2009, 
    the Illinois Institute of Technology granted Mayer an honoris 
    causa doctorate degree in recognition of her work in the field 
    of search.

Marissa Mayer delivered the commencement address at Illinois Institute of Technology's 2009 graduation ceremony.

Marissa Mayer is @MarissaMayer on Twitter. On 4 August 2012, she had tweeted 670 tweets, was following 320 and had a follower count of 207,066. The following are two tweets Marissa tweeted on 16 July 2012.

GDT::DreamTeam::Thurman's Favorite Computer People

[04 August 2012, top]

Sir Tim Berners-Lee Tweeting From the Olympics
Sir Tim Berners-Lee tweeted from the opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

Begin embedded tweet...

End embedded tweet.

[28 July 2012, top]

Computer Science Enrollments Are Growing
Just a few days ago I told some young people to learn computer programming. Granted, computer science is a lot more than computer programming, but you can be a talented computer programmer without being a computer scientist.
	"Computer science is now the most popular major at Stanford University."
	 -- US News & World Report Science Continues Growth on College Campuses

[13 July 2012, top]

Dot-gif Turned 25 Years of Age on 15 June 2012
The dot-gif turned 25 years of age on 15 June 2012.

Twitter Tweet...

The animated history of the GIF: via @dailydot

[15 June 2012, top]

A Handful of @compufoo Tweets

[03 June 2012, top]

Master Computer Science and Become an Auto Mechanic
The following quote was printed my and it came from the East Valley Institute of Technology in Mesa, Arizona.
   "If you can master the computer-science and electronic components, 
    you can make over $100,000 a year as an auto mechanic." That Works

[09 May 2012, top]

J. Storrs Hall Added To The GDT::DreamTeam
J. Storrs Hall was the Spring 2012 addition to the GDT::DreamTeam.

The following is from December of 2009.

During the fall 2009 semester, I watched a Bob Metcalfe lecture about the Enernet that he gave during July at the Singularity University and I started following him on Twitter.

Prior the last class session of the fall 2009 semester, I was getting ready to add J. Storrs Hall to the DreamTeam, but then I received a tweet that contained a hyperlink to "brain scan" article by The Economist on Bob Metcalfe. [I suspect Hall will be added to the DreamTeam during the spring 2010 semeseter.]

Well... it turned out Ellen Spertus and Barbara Liskov were the Spring 2010 additions to the GDT::DreamTeam followed by Bill and Melinda Gates during Fall 2010; followed by Sebastian Thrun during Spring 2011; followed by Paul Buchheit Fall 2011.

Short story about a GDT::DreamTeam, Bob Metcalfe, J. Storrs Hall connection.

I went to the folder directory to create a web page for J. Storrs Hall. I do a directory listing and randomly select "bobmetcalfe.shtml" to use as a template file. [Edit the new file substituting all occurances of "Bob Metcalfe" with "J. Storrs Hall".]

I then went to the Computing::Bits directory to write the blog posting announcing J. Storrs Hall addition to the GDT::DreamTeam. Again, I used the blog posting announcing Bob Metcalfe's addition as a template. The Metcalfe posting contained a reference to J. Storrs Hall.

About J. Storrs Hall...

B.S. in Mathematics with a M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science. Currently, Josh is an "independent scientist and author" who also President of the Foresight Institute and a Research Fellow at the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing.

   "I'm basically an optimist as a futurist, but progress seems 
    to consist of taking 100 steps forward and 93 steps back..."
    -- J. Storrs Hall 

I, too, am an optimistic futurist who agrees with Josh's steps forward-to-back ratio. Storrs (Josh) Hall, PhD.

GDT::DreamTeam::Thurman's Favorite Computer People

[01 May 2012, top]

GCC Turns 25
GCC version 1.0 (which started out as the GNU C Compiler, but is now the GNU Compiler Collection) was released 25 years ago today on 23 March 1987. GCC is "100% Free Software." So much of the software that we use a daily basis was compiled using GCC. <ps> GNU is Not Unix </ps>, the GNU Compiler Collection

[22 March 2012, top]

Big Data
The following is from chapter three of the book "Abundance."
   "From the very beginning of time until the year 2003,"
    says Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, "humankind
    created five exabytes of information. An exabyte is one
    billion gigabytes--or a 1 with eighteen zeroes after it.
    Right now, in the year 2010, the human race is generating
    five exabytes of information every two days. By the year
    2013, the number will be five exabytes produced every
    ten minutes... It's no wonder we're exhausted."

About four hours prior to reading quote by Schmidt, I read the following on the Facebook page for IBM Research. is big data?

   "Everyday, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data--so much
    that 90% of the data in the world today has been created
    in the last two years alone." -- IBM 

[19 March 2012, top]

A C Program For Spring Break
I wrote a program this morning to celebrate spring break. Upon completing the program, I decided that this summer I'm going to go through all of my source code examples and switch them to 5-digit years. We spend a lot of time during class looking at these programs, so this is an easy way to expose students to YYYYY formatted years.

@nanofoo tweeted the following on 2012.03.08.

   A "C" program for spring break 02012...

[08 March 2012, top]

goto spring_break;
The 'goto' statement was the last topic covered in the CS1 class prior to spring break. I ended the class by writing the following C++ statement on the whiteboard: goto spring_break;

[08 March 2012, top]

New Kernels Still Make Me Nervous
A new kernel has been installed, so my computer needs a reboot. I've had zero problems with new kernel updates here in the 21st century [knocking on wood], but I still have scars from my 20th century experiences. In other words, new kernels still make me nervous.

[06 March 2012, top]

Here Comes Quantum Computing
@nanofoo received the following tweet from @SmarterPlanet on 2012.03.02. New Era of Computing: Quantum Computing Shift From Theory to Practice

[02 March 2012, top]

Best Jobs of 2012?
Best jobs right now, but what about four years from now?

From the Top 10 List... #9 Computer Programmer; #7 Computer Systems Analyst; #6 Web Developer; #5 Database Administrator; #2 Software Developer. Best Jobs of 2012

[29 February 2012, top]

Remembering Dennis M. Ritchie (dmr)

[11 February 2012, top]

Using a T-shirt To Help Learn About the Not Operator
I wore a t-shirt to class that had a zero on the front and a one on the back. I used the t-shirt when I introduced the not (!) operator during class. Facing the class... prefix the zero with the not operator (!0) and you get... turn back to the class... one. With back still to class... prefix one with the not operator (!1) and you get... turn to facing the class... zero. Started going around in circles... !0 = 1, !1 = 0, !0 = 1, !1 = 0. I stopped after a couple of rotations because I refused to get stuck in an infinite loop.

[07 February 2012, top]

Keeping an Eye on Andreessen Horowitz
Thompson and Ritchie, Hewlett and Packard, Jobs and Wozniak, Brin and Page, [...], and Andreessen and Horowitz.
   "And that's both how and why we raised $2.7 billion. We are uniquely 
    positioned to help the greatest technology entrepreneurs in the world 
    build the best technology companies in the world, and that's just 
    what we're going to do." -- Ben Horowitz Has Andreessen Horowitz Raised $2.7B in 3 Years?

[04 February 2012, top]

Facebook is Going Public
I'll take a peek at Facebook's IPO filing, but just a peek. Nutshell: Facebook is making money and hundreds of its employees will probably end 02012 as millionaires. the S-1 starts with: 845M monthly active users; 2.7B Likes & Comments per day; 250M photo uploads per day; 100B "friendships." Statement on Form S-1

[02 February 2012, top]

Dan Bricklin's Why Johnny Can't Program
   "Despite the enormous changes which have taken place since electronic 
    computing was invented in the 1950s, some things remain stubbornly the 
    same. In particular, most people can't learn to program: between 30% 
    and 60% of every university computer science department's intake fail 
    the first programming course. Experienced teachers are weary but never 
    oblivious of this fact; brighteyed beginners who believe that the old 
    ones must have been doing it wrong learn the truth from bitter experience; 
    and so it has been for almost two generations, ever since the subject 
    began in the 1960s." -- Dan Bricklin in Why Johnny Can't Program Johnny can't program

[30 January 2012, top]

1 Billion IOPS; 100 Core Processor
While working on the HPC portion of my "Learning About the Future" talk, I was interrupted with the following two news items:
   (1) Fusion-io announced they reached the one billion IOPS milestone. 
   (2) Tilera will be releasing a 100 core processor later this year.

Fusion-io employs Steve Wozniak as a Chief Scientist.

Tilera is a spinoff of MIT professor Anant Agarwa who is the director of MIT's CSAIL (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory).

[23 January 2012, top]

Name Dropping During Day 1 of CSC100
I introduced the following computing gurus to the students who were present in the first day of "Introduction to Computer Science (C++)" on 18 January 2012.
   Ken Thompson, Richard Stallman, Jerry Yang, Vinton Cerf, 
   Donald Knuth, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Marc Andreessen, Dennis Ritchie

[18 January 2012, top]

English Wikipedia Shutdown To Protest SOPA

Google's logo on 18 January 2012...

O'Reilly went black on 18 January 2012 to protest SOPA and PIPA...

[18 January 2012, top]

Programming Dates Can Be Tricky
Programming dates can be tricky. A few years ago I wrote this C program that takes a year as input and prints the Friday the 13th dates for that year.

About Friday the 13th... Every year has at least one Friday the 13th. No year has had (or will have) more than three Friday the 13ths.

[13 January 2012, top]

About Computing Bits
The Computing Bits blog was created on 14 September 2001 and it started 2012 with 510 postings. Computing Bits is a blog that supports "learning about computing a bit at a time." It is a great time to live in the computing world and I am looking forward to creating some fun bits this year.

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