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Bill and Melinda Gates Added To The GDT::DreamTeam
For years Bill Gates has been considered an evil man in the computing world. Over time, Gates' Microsoft Corp. has wiped out numerous small companies thanks to its ability to become a computing "monopoly" via the creation/marketing of just-good-enough software.

Fast forward to 2010... Bill Gates is using his wealth to help improve the well being of humans around the world. It is my opinion that he best thing that has ever happened to Bill Gates is a woman named Melinda.

In addition to a world-wide effort to ensure "all lives have equal value," Bill Gates is concerned about the American educational system. I follow a bunch of "educators" on Twitter and I have received multiple Tweets claiming Bill Gates is Satan.

Why Do Some Educations Hate Bill Gates?

I suspect some educators consider Bill Gates Satan primarily because he's the wealthiest man in the world who just happens to be a college dropout.

I suspect the following quotes don't register well with some teachers.

   "Anybody who has access to a DVD player could have 
    the very best teachers." -- Bill Gates

   "Once somebody has taught for three years, their teaching 
    quality does not improve thereafter." -- Bill Gates

Bill and Melinda Gates were the Fall 2010 additions to the GDT::DreamTeam.

[31 December 2010, top]

Computer Science Education Week 2010
Computer Science Education Week 2010 was held from December 5th through December 11th.

I used the "Event Finder" to find CSEdWeek events in the Phoenix metropolitan area. No events were found within 200 miles of the 85283 zipcode. Nearest events were in Las Cruces NM and Irvine CA. The following western states did not have scheduled CSEdWeek events: Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.

I tweeted the following #CSEdWeek hashtagged tweets during Computer Science Education Week 2010.

@mathbabbler tweeted the following on 2010.12.11.
   I hope I'm wrong, but It seems as though @maanow (Mathematical Association 
   of America) ignored #CSEdWeek. No tweets; no Facebook updates.
@mathbabbler tweeted the following on 2010.12.11.
   Today ends #CSEdWeek for 2010. I advocate we have two CSEdWeeks 
   (spring & fall) beginning in 2012.
@mathbabbler tweeted the following on 2010.12.11.
   #CSEdWeek RT @whitehouseostp Celebrating Computer Science
...... 01001000 01110101 01110010 01110010 01100001 01111001 00100001 to ASCII is Hurray!
@mathbabbler tweeted the following on 2010.12.11.
   #CSEdWeek is nearing an end. CS & entertainment, environment, 
   communications, medicine, empowerment
@mathbabbler tweeted the following on 2010.12.10.
   What does it mean when STEMers (scientists, mathematicians, engineers) 
   don't give a foo about supercomputing? #CSEdWeek #EdReform
@mathbabbler tweeted the following on 2010.12.09.
   Facebook allows you to share what languages you speak.  I entered 
   BASH, C, C++, Java, etc., but Facebook rejected them. #CSEdWeek
@mathbabbler tweeted the following on 2010.12.09.
   Learning to program in a 3rd-generation programming language 
   should be a high school degree requirement. #CSEdWeek #EdReform
@mathbabbler tweeted the following on 2010.12.08.
   "The 'mother of all demos' debuted the computer mouse, hyperlinks, 
   and more" via @gizmag #CSEdWeek
@mathbabbler tweeted the following on 2010.12.08.
   P-20 students should learn about FLOSS (Free/Libre and
   Open Source Software). #EdReform #CSEdWeek
@mathbabbler tweeted the following on 2010.12.07.
   Computer literacy needs to be more than just learning 
   how to use Microsoft products. #EdReform #CSEdWeek
@mathbabbler tweeted the following on 2010.12.06.
   From what I can tell #CSEdWeek is not a "Trend" on Twitter. 
   Bummer. I agree with Rushkoff: "Program or be programmed."
@mathbabbler tweeted the following on 2010.12.06.
   "Teen Mathletes Do Battle at Algorithm Olympics" via Wired #CSEdWeek
@mathbabbler tweeted the following on 2010.12.06.
   It's Computer Science Education Week! 
   #CSEdWeek {I advocate switching CS to Computing Science.}

On 11 December 2010, 8:24am MST, 1649 had signed the following Computer Science Education Week Pledge.

   I pledge to participate in and/or support (no donation required) 
   Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek), December 5-11, 2010, 
   to raise awareness of the role computing plays in all our lives 
   and to promote computer science education for all students.

[11 December 2010, top] 2010's 25 geekiest 25th anniversaries

[27 October 2010, top]

Compufoo Tweets: 2010.10.15 to 2010.10.21
@compufoo tweeted the following on 2010.10.21. - Facebook in Privacy Breach
@compufoo tweeted the following on 2010.10.21.
   Location, location, location is now mobile, mobile, mobile. 
   "Tech Companies See Dearth of Mobile-Software Developers"
@compufoo tweeted the following on 2010.10.20.
   Royal Pingdom: How Google dominates the Web via @pingdom
@compufoo tweeted the following on 2010.10.20.
   "Remaining IPv4 Address Space Drops Below 5%; IPv6 adoption 
   at critical phase" #NumberResourceOrganization
...... "ARIN today (2010.10.20) recognizes Interop, an organization with a long-standing presence in the Internet industry, for returning its unneeded Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) address space." ARIN is the American Registry for Internet Numbers
@compufoo tweeted the following on 2010.10.20.
   "Inside ThinkGeek, Where Mythical Meat Can Make Millions" via @Wired
@compufoo tweeted the following on 2010.10.20.
   Many parts of the world use the DD.MM.YYYY date format. 
   20 October 2010 is 20.10.2010.
@compufoo tweeted the following on 2010.10.20.
   RT @hrheingold 6.1 trillion text messages to be sent 
   by end of 2010
@compufoo tweeted the following on 2010.10.20.
   RT @CSEdWeek Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that by 
   2018 more than 800k computing jobs will be created
@compufoo tweeted the following on 2010.10.19.
   Going to cover the 'goto' statement today. Self-quote: 
   Teach them 'goto' & they will use it.
@compufoo tweeted the following on 2010.10.19.
   "ITU estimates two billion people online by end 2010" #InternationalTelecommunicationUnion
...... World population projected to be 7.073 billion by the end of 2010.
@compufoo tweeted the following on 2010.10.18.
   RT @stephen_wolfram: Meaning packed shorter than a tweet: 
   the poetry of function names
...... "Each one of those functions encapsulates some piece of repeated computational work often implemented by some deep tower of algorithms. And each one of those now 3000 or so functions requires a name." -- Stephen Wolfram
...... "The naming of functions is a strange and difficult art." -- Stephen Wolfram
...... "I have no idea now how much time I have spent over the past quarter century coming up with names in Mathematica." -- Stephen Wolfram
@compufoo tweeted the following on 2010.10.18.
   "We're blown away to report over $20 billion in revenue 
   & over $4 billion in after-tax earnings.both all-time 
   records for Apple."~Steve Jobs
...... Market values at 8:40am MST on 2010.10.19: Google $195.47B; Apple $283.80B; Microsoft $217.90B; IBM $173.94B; Exxon Mobil $333.16B
@compufoo tweeted the following on 2010.10.18.
   Ability to 'see' advances artificial intelligence via @sfgate
...... "It can understand speech, detect faces and interpret body motion."
@compufoo tweeted the following on 2010.10.18.
   "And as we move into an increasingly digital reality, 
   we must learn not just how to use programs but how 
   to make them."~Douglas Rushkoff
...... (a) @nanofoo tweeted the following on 2010.10.18: "Program or be Programmed: Ten Commands for a Digital Age" added to my reading list. #DouglasRushkoff
...... (b) "When human beings acquired language, we learned not just how to listen but how to speak. When we gained literacy, we learned not just how to read but how to write. And as we move into an increasingly digital reality, we must learn not just how to use programs but how to make them." -- Douglas Rushkoff
...... (c) 2010: Program or be Programmed: Ten Commands for a Digital Age
@compufoo tweeted the following on 2010.10.18.
   Cool! "The Thiel Fellowship: 20 Under 20"
   But Slate says it's an "appalling plan" #EdReform
@compufoo tweeted the following on 2010.10.17.
   "Supercomputer sets protein-folding record"
   via @Slashdot #HPC #supercomputing
@compufoo tweeted the following on 2010.10.17.
   My take on Google's 3Q'10 results.
@compufoo tweeted the following on 2010.10.17.
   "Why I ignore all 5-year-plans: 5 years ago YouTube & Twitter 
   didn't exist, & Facebook was only for college kids." 
   @cshirky 1 yr. ago today.
@compufoo tweeted the following on 2010.10.16.
   Power of Twitter example: I'm now following @brianbehlendorf
...... Behlendorf
@compufoo tweeted the following on 2010.10.15.
   RT @pewresearch 11% of online adults ages 50 to 64 use Twitter 
   or another status-updating service.

[24 October 2010, top]

Craigslist Goes To Washington

04 September 2010 at 7:20am

   Slippery slope? RT @techcrunch Craigslist Censored: Adult 
   Section Comes Down by @arrington

04 September 2010: My computer screen displaying

08 September 2010 at 4:20am

   "Craigslist is not a pimp, but a public perch from which law 
    enforcement can watch without being seen."~Danah Boyd in

08 September 2010 at 4:20pm

   I disagree. "most ISPs have a fundamental business, if not moral,
   interest in helping protect people"~Danah Boyd in

13 September 2010: to Explain 'Adult' Takedown to Congress

Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act of 1996? { 230 Protections}

[14 September 2010, top]

C++ Sucks as a First Programming Language
I found a copy of Steve Lohr's "Go To" while cleaning house and I decided to give it a quick re-read. Chapter six "The European Influence: From Algol to Pascal to C++" contains lots of information on Bjarne Stroustrup and numerous quotes from Stroupstrup. Finding the book was timely because CSC100 class is starting and it's a class in which students are introduced to programming using the C++ programming language.

I've openly shared my opinion that C++ is a terrible first programming language. In the book "Go To" Lohr wrote that "C++ is a language for serious programmers" and he quotes Bjarne Stroustrup saying: "I [with C++] want to give good programmers an advantage instead of protecting mediocre programmers from making all kinds of stupid mistakes."

The phrase "mediocre programmers" implies the user of C++ has some experience with programming. A student who has never written a computer program is not even a mediocre programmer.

[23 August 2010, top]

Twitter Milestones on Pi Approximation Day
On 7/22/02010 my @nanofoo and @mathbabber tweet counters hit 1900 and 800, respectively.

@nanofoo tweet# 1900 and @mathbabbler tweet# 800 were both tweeted on 22 July 02010 and both of them were about July 22nd being a Pi Approximation Day.

DD/MM/YYYY is a popular international date format (should be YYYYY, but today's world is not ready for 5-digit years). 22 July 2010 is 22/7/2010. If we ignore the 2010 and treat the 22/7 as an arithmetic expression, 22 divided-by 7 approximates the mathematical constant Pi because 22/7 rounded to the nearest hundredth equals Pi rounded to the nearest hundredth. (i.e. 3.14).

Speaking of Pi... Prior to 02005 I didn't give a foo about Pi, but in 02005 I started helping others learn about math so I had to become a fan of Pi.

[22 July 2010, top]

A Bit About Google In China
Henry Blodget posted the following on 2010.07.09.
   "And Google's stock price has dropped sharply and 
    shows no signs of recovering."

In a nutshell, with respect to doing business in China, it's complicated., Did Google Blow It In China

[09 July 2010, top]

Firefox Becomes the Default Browser At IBM
IBM is huge company; therefore, this should be great news for Mozilla Firefox and the FLOSS (Free/Libre and Open Source Software) movement. it out loud: IBM is moving to Firefox as its default browser

[02 July 2010, top]

Google Introduces googleCL (Command Line tool)
Hmm... googleCL sounds like something I might have to look into. the Google Command Line Tool

[19 June 2010, top]

Moore's Law Turns 45
@compufoo tweeted the following on 2010.04.19.
   Moore's Law turns 45. "April 19, 1965: How Do You Like It? 
   Moore, Moore, Moore" "Moore's law describes a long-term trend in the history of computing hardware, in which the number of transistors that can be placed inexpensively on an integrated circuit has doubled approximately every two years."

I liked the following from "A prediction made by engineer Gordon Moore in 1965 that the number of transistors per integrated circuit would increase exponentially with time." 19, 1965: How Do You Like It? Moore, Moore, Moore

[19 April 2010, top]

Ellen Spertus and Barbara Liskov Added to GDT::DreamTeam
Ellen Spertus and Barbara Liskov were the Spring 2010 additions to the GDT::DreamTeam. They were added to the DreamTeam on Ada Lovelace Day so I created GDT::DreamTeam Women.

[24 March 2010, top]

When Otellini Speaks, I Listen
I have a feeling our poltical leaders don't listen to people like Paul Otellini. They should.
   "A new semiconductor factory at world scale built from 
    scratch is about $4.5 billion --  in the United States. 
    If I build that factory in almost any other country in 
    the world, where they have significant incentive programs, 
    I could save $1 billion."

With respect to EDU in the United States...

   "As a citizen, I hate it. As a global employer, I have the 
    luxury of hiring the best engineers anywhere on earth. If 
    I can't get them out of M.I.T., I'll get them out of 
    Tsing Hua." -- Paul Otellini via Thomas Friedman

Otellini is concerned about the "rate of change in innovation capacity" in the United States.

With respect to Obama, Otellini says he is "very good at listening to Silicon Valley, but not so good at responding." Word From the Wise by Thomas Friedman

[04 March 2010, top]

For March 2010, Topeka KS is Google KS
The Topeka Capital-Journal ( reported the following on 1 March 2010.
   "Topeka Mayor Bill Bunten signed a proclamation Monday calling 
    for Topeka to be known for the month of March as 'Google, Kansas 
    -- the capital city of fiber optics.'" 

A few years ago, while roadtripping in Washington, I came across Googleville located at 8276 Hwy-14.

[03 March 2010, top]

Here Comes the Go Programming Language
Google Go is a programming language for taking advantage of parallel and distributive computing.
   "Go offers 'a new programming paradigm' that makes it easier 
    to solve a wide variety of programming problems by simplifying 
    many types of parallel processing."

Rob Pike, a commander at Google, is working on Go.

   "The level of interest from the community has been higher 
   than we expected and is very encouraging," Pike said. Go captures developers' imaginations

[02 March 2010, top]

Do Computing Scientists Learn DOS?
I suspect DOS is alive, but it's buried under layers of Windows.
   "Palaeography is not simply an arcane auxiliary science," says 
    Professor Jeffrey Hamburger, chair of medieval studies at 
    Harvard University. "It is as basic to the training and 
    practice of­historians as mastery of Dos or Unix might 
    be to a computer scientist." - from the Guardian

It's been years since I've seen a DOS prompt, but I see a BASH (Bourne Again SHell) prompt daily. More New Old Knowlege

[24 February 2010, top]

Smokey Bear Needs Computer Science
I remain a sucker for catchy headlines and the headline "Smokey Bear Now Studies Computer Science" attracted my attention.

In a nutshell, computing is being used to better "understand wildfire behavior and predicting its spread."

   "Even on supercomputers, you're really limited," Cunningham said. 
   "To have your smallest scale at 1 meter and your biggest scale at 
    let's say 10, or 100, kilometers you just can't do it based on 
    the computational power available." -- Phil Cunnigham is a 
    "former Florida State University associate professor of 
     meteorology who has just moved to LANL (Los Alamos National
     Laboratory [home the Roadrunner supercomputer]). Bear Now Studies Computer Science

[09 February 2010, top]

McNealy Says Goodbye to Sun Microsystems
A moment in time in the history of computing.
   Subject: Thanks for a great 28 years
      Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2010
      From: Scott McNealy bids goodbye to Sun (Full Text)

[27 January 2010, top]

First Tweet From Space
The first tweet from space sent by @Astro_TJ.
   Hello Twitterverse! We r now LIVE tweeting from the 
   International Space Station -- the 1st live tweet 
   from Space! :) More soon, send your ?s
   12:13 AM Jan 22, 2010 

[23 January 2010, top]

IPv6 Supports Lots of IP Addresses
@nanofoo received this @adrianweckler from @RodBecksrom on 2010.01.19.
   "There are 300 trillion trillion trillion possible IPv6 addresses." 
    -- Rod Beckstrom, CEO of Icann (world internet regulator)

[extra] Question posted to Do IT pros abuse their power?

I would say in general the answer is "no", but "abuse" level is probably a function of respect given.

[20 January 2010, top]

(1) More Tweets Than People; (2) Bill Gates Tweeting
@compufoo tweeted the following on 2010.01.20.
   More Tweets Than People?

Did Bill Gates start using Twitter?

   @BillGates "Hello World." Hard at work on my foundation letter - 
   publishing on 1/25.  about 5 hours ago from web Retweeted by 
   SteveCase and 100+ others 

[20 January 2010, top]

(1) Facebook Market Value and (2) Crowdsourcing
I saw the following on my homepage.
   "Offers to buy Facebook common stock have surged to $32 
    per share on SecondMarket, a marketplace for the buying 
    and selling of private company stock. That offer values 
    Facebook at roughly $14 billion."

[side-bar] How did Barron's define "surge"? [source: $25 per share December 2009; Microsoft stake worth $15 billion in 2007]

And I found the following headline from interesting.

   CrowdFlower Raises $5 Million to Boost Crowdsourcing

I found the headline interesting because I need to learn the difference between "crowdsourcing" and "flashmobs." My initial guess is that flashmobs are form of crowdsourcing.

The following was copied from the Wikipedia.

   "Crowdsourcing is a neologistic compound of Crowd and a 
    short for Outsourcing, for the act of taking tasks traditionally 
    performed by an employee or contractor, and outsourcing them to 
    a group of people or community, through an 'open call' to a 
    large group of people (a crowd) asking for contributions."

[20 January 2010, top]

Politics and Twitter
@nanofoo received the following tweet from @tgdaily on 2010.01.20.
   GOP Twitters its way to victory in Massachusetts Senate race

I'm getting ready for day one of the spring 2010 CS1 class. And again I am going to be making sure the CS1 students learn about Twitter and the power of POT (Plain Old Text).

[20 January 2010, top]

What's HERMES?
HERMES is the "Human Expressive Graphic Representation of Motion and their Evaluation in Sequences."
   "A consortium of European researchers, coordinated by the 
    Computer Vision Centre (CVC) of Universitat Autonoma de 
    Barcelona (UAB), has developed HERMES, a cognitive computational 
    system consisting of video cameras and software able to recognise 
    and predict human behaviour, as well as describe it in natural 
    language. The applications of the Hermes project are numerous 
    and can be used in the fields of intelligent surveillance, 
    protection of accidents, marketing, psychology, etc."

Something to ponder... robots w/computer vision. computer vision system for the analysis of human behaviour

[16 January 2010, top]

German Banks Experience a Y2010 Problem
I never heard of the "year 2010 problem."
   "A piece of software on the affected cards, programmed 
    by our suppliers, is defective, and cannot correctly 
    recognize this year's number, 2010," the German DSGV 
    banking association said on Tuesday. of German bank cards hit by software bug

[16 January 2010, top]

Jason Baker's Nutshell About Commenting Code
To a large extent, I agree with Jason Baker's posting about using comments in source code. My style is to include a comment block in every source file that describes the content of the source file. In addition, every non-trivial function starts with a comment block that describes what the function does. about code comments

[02 January 2010, top]

About Computing Bits
The Computing Bits blog was created on 14 September 2001 and it starts 2010 with 466 postings. Computing Bits is a blog that supports "learning about computing a bit at a time." It is a great time to live in the computing world and I am looking forward to creating some fun bits this year.

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[01 January 2010, top]

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