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Commenting On Quotes By Bill Gates
Bill Gates is one of the must successful computer professionals in history and lots can be learned by listening to his words. Today, Gates may be the richest man in America, but that doesn't mean he is always right. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: Quotes From Bill Gates }

[31 December 2004, top]

The Internet is a Disruptive Technology
There are many disruptive technologies currently coming into use and I consider the Internet one of them. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: The Internet is a Disruptive Technology }

[17 December 2004, top]

From Fortran to S to S+ to R
It appears as though Fortran is a good tool for some applications that execute in a high-performance computing environment. At the SC2004 event during November, I was exposed to the 'S', 'S+' and 'R' programming languages. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: From Fortran to S to S+ to R }

[10 December 2004, top]

Linux To Rule In 2005
It is impossible to predict the future, but that doesn't stop us from trying to do so. I predict Linux has a bright future, but I cannot predict when this will happen or for how long it will stay true. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: A Computing Prediction for 2005 }

[03 December 2004, top]

The Digital Divide Widens the Educational Divide
I've been well aware of the "digital divide" that exists in our country and the world. Over the last couple of semesters I have been learning about the "educational divide." I am convinced that reducing the digital divide will help shrink the educational divide. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: The Digital Divide Widens the Educational Divide }

[26 November 2004, top]

No Arizona At SC2004
The state of Arizona had virtually zero representation at the SC2004 Supercomputer Conference held this year in Pittsburgh, PA. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: No Arizona At SC2004 }

[19 November 2004, top]

Bill Gates Does Berkeley
Bill Gates of Microsoft (and richest man in America) gave a talk at the University of California at Berkeley. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: Bill Gates Does Berkeley }

[12 November 2004, top]

Proposition 102 Goes Down To Defeat
I admit to being surprised that Prop. 102 (the technology transfer initiative) failed to pass. It went down to defeat: 52% to 48%. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: Arizona Votes 'No' On Prop. 102 }

[05 November 2004, top]

From Nanofoo To Google To CMU To Stephenson
I was pondering about the term nanofoo and that pondering ended up getting me to the command-line. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: From Nanofoo To Google To CMU To Stephenson }

[29 October 2004, top]

A Moth Short Story
I went to Washington, DC, to attend the 2004 annual meeting of the CPSR. While in town, I visited the Smithsonian Institute for the sole purpose of seeing the moth that resulted in the coining other term "computer bug." I didn't find the moth, but I did come home with an short story about my search. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: A Moth Short Story }

[22 October 2004, top]

Lawyers Dominate Our Computing World
In today's computing world it is the lawyers who are making the good money. If you have good computing skills with an interest in law, then you have a bright future ahead of you. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: Lawyers Dominate Our Computing World }

[15 October 2004, top]

Kodak Forces Sun To Defend Java
Eastman Kodak Company is engaged primarily in "developing, manufacturing and marketing traditional and digital imaging products, services and solutions to consumers, the entertainment industry, professionals, healthcare providers and other customers." Kodak claims that some of their patented intellectual property is contained inside the Java system created by Sun Microsystems during the mid-1990s. Kodak took Sun to court and then won the initial legal battle. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: Kodak Forces Sun Microsystems To Defend Java }

[08 October 2004, top]

IBM Builds the World's Fastest Supercomputer
IBM continues to be a great computer company and it appears as though they have built a supercomputer that will place them at number one on the Top 500 supercomputer list. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: IBM Builds the World's Fastest Supercomputer }

[01 October 2004, top]

IT Job Market Remains Weak
Recent reports from the U.S. Department of Labor indicate that computer programming job market is down -- way down. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: IT Job Market Remains Weak }

[24 September 2004, top]

Arizona Needs To Pass Proposition 102
The Arizona Republic published a column in which the writer supported Proposition 102. I, too, support it and sent a "Letter to the Editor." {GDT::Computing::Bit:: Yes On Proposition 102 }

[17 September 2004, top]

Arizona Republic Says Happy Birthday Internet
The Arizona Republic wrote an editorial about the Internet's birthday and the way they worded stuff prompted me to write a "Letter to the Editor." (Note: this letter was never submitted.) {GDT::Computing::Bit:: Arizona Republic Says Happy Birthday Internet }

[10 September 2004, top]

Happy 35th Birthday to the Internet
Many computer professionals believe the Internet was born on 02 September 1969. The Internet turned 35 years young on 02 September 2004. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: Happy 35th Birthday To The Internet }

[03 September 2004, top]

Students Continue To Shun CS Studies
Computer Science enrollments at SCC are only slightly greater than zero. For many reasons, many students are avoiding going into computing. This is too bad because now (fall of 2004) is an excellent time to be a computing student. Some major markets studies have been conducted that indicate a healthy computing job market two/three years from now. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: CS Enrollments Continue To Decline }

[27 August 2004, top]

About GDT::Blog::Computing Bits
GDT::Blog::Computing Bits was started on 14 September 2001 as component of a Learning About Computing resource. As of Wednesday, 18 August 2004, the Computing Bits contained 91 postings. Computing Bits are short essays about computing. This blog is updated every Friday and it is archived on a yearly basis. {GDT:: Learning About Computing} {}

[20 August 2004, top]

From Whiteboards to Telecommuting
For many jobs telecommunting makes lots of sense; however, when it comes to programming positions, telecommuting may not always be a good idea. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: From Whiteboards to Telecommuting }

[13 August 2004, top] Writes About the Unix Founding Fathers provided a hyperlink an story about the founding fathers of Unix. This week's Computing::Bit elaborates on the excellent piece done by {GDT::Computing::Bit:: Writes About the Unix Founding Fathers }

[30 July 2004, top]

Microsoft Reports Solid Quarterly Results
Microsoft reported good 4th-quarter results and they announced the followwing: they are hiring up to 7,000 employees; increasing R&D spending by 4%, buying back up to $30 billion in stock; paying out a quarterly dividend of $0.08 per share; and, paying out a special one-time dividend of $3 per share. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: Microsoft Reports Solid Quarterly Results }

[23 July 2004, top]

IBM Reports Solid Quarterly Results
IBM reported good 2nd-quarter, 2004, results. Their software business; however, reported flat results. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: IBM Reports Solid Quarterly Results }

[16 July 2004, top]

ASU is Looking For Talented CS Professors
The July 2004 issue of the Communications of the ACM has a huge 'help wanted' advertisement from the Arizona State University department of Computer Science and Engineering (i.e. the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering). {GDT::Computing::Bit:: ASU is Looking For Talented Computer Scientist Professors }

[09 July 2004, top]

The Many Forms of 'Ware'
There sure a lot of "wares" in computing. Hardware, software, firmware, and so on. This week's bit provides short definitions of what these "wares" are. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: The Many Forms of 'Ware' }

[02 July 2004, top]

Opsware Says: 'Do it right. Do it fast. Do it once.'
Opsware is a company that is into automating IT. I found an interesting Opsware advertisement on the back of a SysAdmin magazine. I particularly like Opsware's motto of "Do it right. Do it fast. Do it once." {GDT::Computing::Bit:: Interesting Opsware Advertisement. }

[25 June 2004, top]

A Quick Look at Some Linux Stocks
Last week we looked at the market values of some selected computer companies; this week we do a quick look at some Linux companies. Many Linux stocks are still well above their 52-week lows, but they have all fallen quite a bit from the 52-week highs. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: A Quick Look at Some Linux Stocks }

[18 June 2004, top]

Comparing Market Values of Selected High-Tech Companies
It is mid-June of 2004 and I thought it was a good time to compare the market values of Microsoft, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Red Hat, Novell and SCO. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: Comparing Market Values of Selected High-Tech Companies }

[11 June 2004, top]

Let's Think Bigger About Light-Rail
With Los Arcos mall-site becoming the ASU Scottsdale Center for New Technology and Innovation, we need to re-examine the Valley of the Sun's light-rail plan. I can envision light-rail going along the Loop 101 connecting Chandler/southern Tempe with Los Arcos with SCC with the Scottsdale Airpark in northern Scottsdale. The north/south light-rail will provide connections to downtown Tempe, Sky Harbor, and downtown Phoenix. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: Let's Think Bigger About Light-Rail }

[04 June 2004, top]

Los Arcos Going High-Tech
The 27 May 2004 Arizona Republic reported that Scottsdale's Los Arcos mall is going to become the ASU Scottsdale Center for New Technology and Innovation. Congratulations to Scottsdale. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: Los Arcos Going High-Tech }

[28 May 2004, top]

Google Shares Its Software Principles
On Tuesday, 18 May 2004, Google posted their software principles to their website. GDT says Thank You Google. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: Google Promotes Good (Ethical) Computing Practices }

[21 May 2004, top]

I Need a Spamalyst
I received an email message that appears to have come from Saudi Arabia. I don't know if I should reply. In a nutshell: I need a spamalyst [one you analyzes. email messages to see if they are spam] {GDT::Computing::Bit:: Corn Dog Spam From [maybe] Saudia Arabia }

[14 May 2004, top]

Cray, Inc. -- High Performance Computing Solutions
Exactly one month ago I met an employee of Cray, Inc. at the Cluster World 2004 Conference and Expo. Cray is a maker of supercomputers. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: Cray Inc. -- High Performance Computing Solutions}

[07 May 2004, top]

Kim Polese Added To GDT::DreamTeam
Every semester I add someone to my GDT::DreamTeam. This semester -- Spring 2004 -- Kim Polese becomes the first women on the team. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: Kim Polese Added To GDT::DreamTeam}

[30 April 2004, top]

My Face Has Been Scanned
I allowed my face to be scanned during a recent visit to ASU's PRISM. They are populating a database of facial images so they can research 3D facial scanning. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: My Face Has Been Scanned}

[23 April 2004, top]

Do I Look Like a Foo?
I believe the best way to answer a question that I cannot give an answer to is to say "I don't know." These days, I get asked lots of computer related questions for which I don't have answers. I've been told that a teacher should not say I don't know; consequently, I've gotten into the habit of answering these questions with the question... Do I look like a _____?, where _____ depends on the topic of the moment (domain). [Note: When I need a name and the name doesn't matter, then I like to use foo.] {GDT::Computing::Bit:: Do I look like a Foo?}

[16 April 2004, top]

GDT Goes to Cluster World 2004
I am off to San Jose for two days learning about three things... High-Performance Computing, Bioinformatics, and Silicon Valley. I have learned that it is wise to have a game plan when going to these type of events. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: GDT Goes to Cluster World 2004}

[09 April 2004, top]

eBay is Hiring (Learning About Silicon Valley)
During a Spring Break 2004 visit to San Jose, I discovered a tiny cluster of high-tech companies. One of them, eBay, was hiring. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: eBay is Hiring}

[02 April 2004, top]

That Damn Internal Survey
I had to put on my CPSR hat and alert my employer that their web-based internal survey was nothing more than IP (Information Pollution). One of my favorite quotes is from Andrew Koenig and it goes like this: "One of the key characteristics of professionalism is a loyalty to the profession that transcends loyalty to any single employer." {GDT::Computing::Bit:: That Damn Internal Survey}

[26 March 2004, top]

Learning About Biotech a Day At a Time
Bio... Bio... Bio... I read an IT study that says 2006 will be the year in which we move into the next chapter of computing. The don't tell us if it will be early 2006 or late 2006 or somewhere in between. For GDT, 2006 is approaching with rapidly increasing rapid speed. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: Learning About Biotech a Day At a Time}

[12 March 2004, top]

Having Fun With Top-Level Domain Country Codes
It was purely by accident, but I have been having fun with some foreign websites such as Armenia, Iran and Tavula. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: Having Fun With Top-Level Domain Country Codes}

[05 March 2004, top]

Do You Know the Way to San Jose?
I will be flying to San Jose once during mid-March and once during early-April. I claim to know the way to San Jose. {GDT::Computing::Bit Upcoming Silicon Valley Adventures}

[27 February 2004, top]

Connecting Silicon Valley with the Valley of the Sun
Arizona governor Napolitano wants to open an office in Silicon Valley to recruit high-technology workers. I'd like her to try establishing partnerships between Silicon Valley and the Valley of the Sun (and Arizona). {GDT::Computing::Bit Connecting Silicon Valley to the Valley of the Sun}

[20 February 2004, top]

Learn IT at SCC; Automate IT with Opsware
Sometimes I ponder if it is worth learning something that in the future can be automated. My school says to Learn IT, but my biggest investment is in a company that automates IT. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: Learn IT at SCC; Automate IT with Opsware}

[13 February 2004, top]

Anita Borg Added to the GDT::DeadTeam
Anita Borg has been added to the GDT::DeadTeam. In addition, in honor of Dr. Borg, Google is offering two $10,000 scholarships to female students studying computer science. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: About Anita Borg}

[06 February 2004, top]

CPSR Membership Does Not Allow For Silence
It is becoming increasingly difficult to be a member of the CPSR because it it is becoming increasingly important for CPSR members to speak out about the current state-of-computing. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: CPSR Membership Takes Away the Freedom of Silence}

[30 January 2004, top]

A Spring 2004 SPAM Shopping Spree
I celebrated the start of the Spring 2004 semester by going on a SPAM shopping spree. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: About My Spring 2004 SPAM Shopping Spree}

[23 January 2004, top]

Pornography is the Crack Cocaine of the Internet
I heard somebody who wrote a book about marriage refer to pornography as the crack cocaine of the Internet. In other words, the Internet is responsible for most of our social ills. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: Pornography is the Crack Cocaine of the Internet}

[16 January 2004, top]

Welcome to Year 2004
Happy New Year! welcome to 2004. The 2003 Computing Bits has been archived.

[01 January 2004, top]

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