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Learning the Unix Operating System (5th edition)
* Authors:  Peek, Todino, and Strang
* Level: introductory (174 pages)
* O'Reilly, 2001, ISBN 0-596-00261-0
* Comments:  If you are curious as to what Unix is, then this tiny
             book is what you need.  It should only cost you $10 bucks
             and it is written by Unix professionals who do a nice job
             introducing complicated materials.
The Unix Programming Environment
* Authors: Kernighan, Pike
* Level: introductory/intermediate
* Prentice Hall, 1984, ISBN 0-13-937699-2
* Comments:  Many computer professionals consider this book a classic.
             Note:  This book may not be easy to find, but you come 
             across a copy, then grab it.

Villanova University is using this book as its text for the Spring, 2002, section of its System Programming in Unix and C.

UNIX System V Release 4 an Introduction 2nd Edition
* Authors:  Rosen, Rosinski, Farber, and Host
* Level: introductory/intermediate
* Osborne McGraw-Hill, 1996, ISBN 0-07-882130-4  
* Comments:  All of the authors are/were AT&T employees and between
             them they have numerous years of Unix experience.
Learning the bash Shell 2nd Edition
* Authors:  Newham and Rosenblatt
* Level: intermediate
* O'Reilly, 1998, ISBN  1-56592-347-2
* Comments:  Good book to have when learning about shell programming.
Learning the Korn Shell 2nd Edition
* Authors:  Rosenblatt and Robbins
* Level: intermediate
* O'Reilly, 2002, ISBN  0-596-00195-9
* Comments:  Good book to have when learning about shell programming.
Unix Power Tools
* Authors: Peek, O'Reilly, Loukides
* Level: intermediate/advanced
* O'Reilly & Associates/Random House, 1993, ISBN  0-679-79073-X
Unix System Administration Handbook
* Authors: Nemeth, Snyder, Seebass, Hein
* Level: intermediate/advanced
* Prentice Hall, 2001, ISBN  0-13-020601-6
* Comments:  This book covers SysAdmin details for the Solaris,
             HP-UX, Red Hat Linux, and FreeBSD versions of Unix.
             The book comes recommended by Dennis Ritchie and
             Eric Allman.
A Quarter Century of UNIX
* Author: Peter Salus 
* Level: all 
* Addison-Wesley, 1994, ISBN 0-201-54777-5
* Comment: The definitive book on the history of the Unix 
           operating system.
Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment
* Author: W. Richard Stevens
* Level: advanced
* Addison-Wesley, 1992, ISBN 0-201-56317-7

Note: I recommend all books authored by W. Richard Stevens.

The Design of the UNIX Operating System
* Author: Maurich J. Bach
* Level: advanced
* Prentice Hall, 1986, ISBN 0-13-201799-7 025
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