Electronic mail (email) is one of the oldest and most popular activity on the Internet. It allows messages to be sent between people using computers.

Properties of a Typical Email Message
  • is usually fairly short
  • usually addresses a single topic
  • relies on plain text
  • usually written in an informal style
  • might be a reply to a previous message
  • can be sent to one person or many people
  • can be forwarded along to lots of other people
  • is often timely
  • may some day come back to haunt you

Tips on Using Email Effectively
  • don't be a novelist
  • avoid using too much punctuation
  • keep lines to 65 characters or less
  • avoid using obscure abbreviations
  • keep signatures to 4 lines or less
  • when appropriate -- reply -- don't start a new message thread
  • when subject matter of a thread changes, start a new thread
  • when replying, keep quoting to a minimum

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Author: G.D.Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 23 December 1999
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