Accidental Pi Finding on Pi Day 2006 in Tempe

Tuesday, 14 March 2006, was a Pi Day. Every March 14th is a Pi Day. Tyler and I visited the McDowell Mountains Regional Park for the first time on 14 March 2006. We were heading home and decided to do lunch at La Fonda's in Tempe.

We were stopped at a red light waiting to turn south on Scottsdale Road when this sign caught my attention.

   22/7 approximates the value of 'pi' (3.14)

   2200/700 is equivalent to 22/7

We are at the corner of Scottsdale Road and McKellips Road in Tempe. I immediately start thinking Pi because 2000 and 800 are "close" to the numbers 2200 and 700. Go 200 north on Scottsdale Road, turn west on some road.

The street we turned west on was East Papago and the Pi street signs were located at the corner of E. Papago Dr. and N. Sunset Dr.

   2200 / 700 approximates 3.14 (i.e. pi)

I had my Pi t-shirt in the car just in case something Pi related happen. I was happy to put it on for Tyler to take my picture.

About Pi Day 2005

Last year I spent Pi Day driving US Hwy-60 to Pie Town, New Mexico, where I ate pie at the Pie-O-Neer cafe wearing my Pi t-shirt. The Pie Lady (who showed me her yin yang pie ) took my picture.

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Created: 14 March 2006

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