BARS::Pi Street Signs in Mesa, Arizona

These street signs evaluate to Pi (3.14). They were found in Mesa, Arizona.

The street signs say...

   |     700 S     |
   |    S Rose     |
   |    2200 E     |
   | E Diamond Ave |

   ---- = 3.14285714   rounded to nearest hundreth is  3.14

     pi = 3.14159265   rounded to nearest hundreth is  3.14

   functional notation: 

   round(3.14285714, 2) outputs 3.14
   round(pi, 2) outputs 3.14

TempeHiker discovered this Pi corner after visiting the Rose Garden at MCC (Mesa Community College located on the southeast corner of Southern and Dobson). He was driving east on Main Street in Mesa looking for a good turn around spot so he could drive west on Main Street to get pictures of old motel signage. While driving east he noticed the street numbers were getting close to a Pi fraction (2200/700). He speculated that if he went a bit more east and a bit south, he'd find a Pi corner -- and he did.

Creator: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 06 April 2006

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