About the Number 9 (nine)

This BAB was created as a result of GDT working on a BAB for Google's 9th birthday.

   9 is a digit that is also the largest decimal digit
   9 is a counting number that is also an integer
   9 is odd
   9 is not prime
   9 is a square number; sqrt(9) = 3
   9 sided polygons are called nonagons (technically enneagon)
   9 in base-2 (binary) is 1001
   9 in base-8 (octal) is 11
   9 in base-3 (ternary) is 100
   9 in base-9 (novenary) is 10
   9 in base-16 (hexadecimal) is 9
   9 in as a Roman Numeral is IX
   9 is an exponential factorial (3^2^1)
   10^9 is one billion (giga-)
   10^-9 is one billionth (nano-)

Google's birthday occurs in September (the 9th month) on the 27th (9 x sqrt(9)). Google turned 9 in 2007 and 9 is a factor of 2007. In fact, the prime factors of 2007 are sqrt(9), sqrt(9) and 223.

[Wikipedia] "If you multiply nine by any whole number (except zero), and repeatedly add the digits of the answer until it's just one digit, you will end up with nine." Try it!

RoadHacker Nanofoo

Arkansas has a "town" named Number Nine and it is home to the Number Nine Baptist Church.

Arkansas has a road sign that is 9 miles from AR-Hwy-1. The three numbers in the sign are 1, 8 and 9. Last year (02006) Google was nine minus one years young (i.e. eight).

[ZeroPoints opportunity] There is no BAB for the number eight. Create a BAB for the number eight and zero points will be awarded. Another zero points can be earned if a BAB is created for the number sqrt(9).


From Whitehouse.gov on 23 June 2009... "Today the White House will be holding a roundtable on the 37th Anniversary of Title IX." And 9 in Roman numeral is IX.

The MBNA had undergone numerous modifications since this nBAB was created; therefore, the it was re-executed for the number 9.

   MathBabbler Number Analyst (MBNA) output:
   9 is a natural, whole, integer
   9 is odd
   9 proper divisors are: 1,3,
   9 is refactorable (evenly divisable by # of divisors)
   9 is deficient (sum of divisors is 4)
   9 is unhappy
   9 is a Harshad number
   9 is not prime
   9 has the prime factors: 3*3 (sum=6)
   9 is semiprime (biprime or 2-almost prime)
   9 sum of prime factors is: 6
   9 is undulating
   9 and 8 are a Ruth-Aaron pair
   9 is palindromic
   9 is repdigit in base-10
   9 is a Padovan number(5+4)
   9 is a lucky number
   9 in octal is 011
   9 in hexadecimal is 0x9
   9 in binary is 1001 (is evil)
   9 nearest square numbers: 9 is square (9 is square)
   sqrt(9) = 3
   ln(9) = 2.19722
   log(9) = 0.954243
   9 is 3^2
   9 reciprocal is .11111111111111111111111111111111
   9! is 362880
   9 is 2.86479 Pi years
   9 is 0 score and 9 years
   9 written as a Roman numeral is IX

Creator: Gerald Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 16 September 2007

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