Yahoo! and Google and the Number Four

Yahoo! was co-founded by David Filo and Jerry Yang. Filo and Yang go by the title "Chief Yahoo!" and they created Yahoo!, Inc. during 1995.

Google was co-founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Brin is "President of Technology" and Page is "President of Products." They are both "Assistant Secretary" and directors of Google. Google, Inc. was born in 1998.

During the spring of 2005, Yahoo! turned ten years young and Google issued their first annual report as a public company.

Yahoo! says they have "only just begun." Google says they are "just getting started."

Let's look at the last names of the Yahoo! and Google founders: Filo, Yang, Brin, Page... four names that are each four characters long.

[update::2005.09.18] During September of 2005, Google hired Vinton Cerf as its "Chief Internet Evangelist." During the summer of 2003, I visited Google and got Rob Pike's autograph. Pike's title at Google is "Commander." Cerf and Pike... sqrt(4) names that are each four characters long.

[update::2005.10.20] Reason four of ten to work at Google is "work and play are not mutually exclusive." Work and play are four-letter words.

Yahoo! and Google are kids... may they stay 4ever young when it comes to work and play.

About the Number Four...
   4 is an even number
   4 is a composite number (i.e. not prime)
   4 is a perfect square (2x2)
   4 in binary is 100; octal is 04; hexadecimal is 0x4
   -4 is the opposite of 4
   4 factorial is 24 (4x3x2x1)
   4 squared is 16; 4 cubed is 64
   4 is 40% of 10 and 4% of 100
   4 sided polygons are quadrilaterals
   4 basic arithmetic operations: add, subtract, multiply, divide
   4 multiples of 4 are 8 12 16 20
   4 quarts to a gallon
   4 quarters make a dollar
   4 quarters per business year
   4 seasons per year (spring, summer, fall, winter)
   4 moon phases (new, 1st quarter, full, last quarter)
   four is a 4 letter word
   4 ordinal is fourth (or 4th)
   April is the 4th month of the year
   4th U.S. state was Georgia (02 January 1788)
   4th U.S. President was James Madison (1809-1817)
   4th of July is U.S. Independence Day
   4th state of matter is "plasma" (solid, liquid, gas)
   cars have 4 wheels
   Four Corners is where Arizona, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico touch
   4:20 is a popular time (20 is a multiple of 4)
   4-eyes (kids making fun of kids who wear glasses) 4 (number)

[update::2007.03.17] YAFLN (Yet-Another-Four-Letter-Name). Dr. Jeannette Wing was the Spring 2007 addition to GDT's computing DreamTeam.

[update::2007.03.17] GDT added a Pi/nanocentury quote by Tom Duff (YAFLN) to his quote collection and he turned the quote into BAB:: From Pi To Tom Duff To Nanocentury To

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