About Number BABs (nBABs)

Number BABs (number Basic Arithmetic Bits; nBABs) are created when number "moments" happen.

nBABs are created using the newnbab command.

   synopsis:  newnbab positive_integer
   $ newnbab 156

The newnbab command prints an error message and exits if a nBAB exists for the given number.

   $ newnbab 314
   newnbab:  number314.html already exist for this number

The newnbab command creates a webpage using a collection of templates and the output generated by the itoe and mbna programs.

The itoe program prints the number in English.

   About the Number 156 (one hundred fifty-six)

   note: The newnbab command printed the "About the Number 156"
         and the parenthesis, while The "one hundred fifty-six" was 
         printed by the itoe program.

The number of the nBAB is used as input to the mbna command. The mbna is a shell script that executes a set of MBNA programs most of which are written in C and C++.

First few lines when mbna 156 is executed.

   156 is a natural, whole, integer
   156 is even
   156 proper divisors are: 1,2,3,4,6,12,13,26,39,52,78,
   156 is refactorable (evenly divisable by # of proper divisors)
   156 has 11 proper divisors
   156 is abundant (sum of proper divisors is 236; ratio: 1.51282)
   156 is unhappy
   156 is not a Squarefree Number: 4,
   156 has the prime factors: 2*2*3*13 (sum=20)
Prior to exiting, the newnbab command executes the vim text editor starting it at the line where justification for the nBAB is inserted.

The newnbab command creates new nBABs, but it does not post them. nBABs are posted using the postnbab command.

   synopsis:  postnbab nBAB_number
   $ postnbab 156

The postnbab command doesn't do much. Posting nBABs automatically is non-trivial given how the nBABs homepage is designed. In a nutshell, posting nBABs is mostly done manually by editing the nBABs homepage using a text editor. [MathBabbler uses vim.] The postnbab command should also update collections when applicable; however, this is a difficult programming problem and collection updates are manually posted.

BAB::Numbers::nBAB and MBNA source code [directory listing]

BAB::Number::About the Number 156 (one hundred fifty-six) [created 18 December 2013]

BAB::Collection::Number BABs (nBABs)

Creator: Gerald Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 18 December 2013

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