BABs are Basic Arithmetic Bits and Basic Algebra Bits. The BAB mottos are: "learning about basic arithmetic a bit at a time" and "learning about basic algebra a bit at a time" and "a BAB a day keeps the math tutor away."

BABisms are sayings or modified song lyrics that use words containing the string "BAB".

MathBabbler is the creator of BABs.

   MathBabbler lives in BABizona.
   BABs are on the WWW at MathBABs.US.
   BABbler is anyone who creates BABs.
   BABblers are also BABsters and BABists.
   BABlishish BABs are the "best of" the BABs. 
   BABware is software used to create/maintain BABs.
   BABblers who can't stop BABbling are BABaholics.
   BABbryo is a BAB yet to be BABtized (posted).
   BABtized is the act of posting a BAB.
   BABE is a standalone BAB Exercise.
   BABbit is a tidbit about a BAB.
   BABY is BAB Year (the year in which a BAB is created).
   BABid is BAB identifier.

   The Golden Rule of BABbling is...
   BAB onto others as you would have them BAB onto you.

The following BABisms are taken from song lyrics.

   BAB rap, o-BAB rap, o-BAB rap... they call him the BABbler rapper

   [Neil Young] 
   It's all one BAB song.

   [Bob Dylan]
   May you stay forever BABbling young.

   [Bob Dylan]
   Well Abe said where do you want this BABblin killin done
   God said out on highway 61

   [Kris Kristofferson]
   On the Sunday morning sidewalk wishing lord that I was BABling stoned.

   [Pink Floyd]
   BABbling ticking away the moments that make up a dull day.

   Let's roll another BAB number for the road.

   [Buck Owens]
   It's BABling crying time again.

   [Allman Brothers]
   Sometimes I feel like I've been tied to a BABbling whipping post.
   [Allman Brothers]
   Lord, I was born a BABblin' ramblin' man.

   They call me the BABbling working man, I guess that's what I am.

   [Commander Cody]
   And I'm down to seeds and BABs stems again, too.

   [Woody Guthrie]
   This BAB land was made for you and me.

   [Lionel Richie]
   You're once, twice, three times a BABbler lady.

   I'm a king kong man, I'm a voo-doo man, I'm a BAB ape man.

   [Five Man Electrical Band]
   BARS Sign, BARS sign, everywhere a BARS sign.

   [...BARS is Basic Arithmetic Road Sign...]

Creator: Gerald Thurman []
Created: 29 November 2006

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