BARS::Numerous BARS on W. Adams St. in Phoenix, Arizona

TempeHiker went to 1110 W. Washington St. for business. He parked at the corner of N 12th Ave/W Adams St and he noticed the street signs contained basic arithmetic. [view looking east on Adams]

   12 x 100 = 1200

TempeHiker walked west on W. Adams St. and discovered the following basic arithmetic street signs.

Time did not permit TempeHiker to go further west on W. Adams, but he did use to see that potentially there were valid basic arithmetic street signs at 22nd Ave., 23rd Ave., 24th Ave., 25th Ave., 26th Ave., and 27th Ave. W. Adams St. might end at 27th Avenue.


TempeHiker drove west on W. Adams beginning at N. 21st Ave. W. Adams turned into S. 30th Dr. and at 3000 W. Madison St these street signs were discovered.


TempeHiker went to downtown Phoenix on 2 January 2007 and he found this street sign located at 100 N. 6th Ave. and 600 W. Adams St.

   the numbers are:  6  100  600

   the math is:  6 x 100 = 600

Creator: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 17 February 2006

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