BARS::Seeking Pi in South Tempe

I was standing on the corner of south 5800/east 2100 and the 2100 made me think about pi. 21 is a multiple of 7 and the fraction 22/7 approximates pi. 22/7 is equivalent to 66/21 which is equivalent to 6600/2100. I could smell pi because south 5800 was a bit north of south 6600.

The search for pi begins, but the roads are not grid-like (i.e. they curve). We headed south and at south 6100 east 2100 became east 2000. The winding roads made navigating the neighborhood difficult and encountering three street signs on one pole didn't help matters.

Our search for pi failed because our journey ended at south 6600/east 2000.

The following summarizes the street signs encountered on our search for pi.

   S Country Club Way  5800
   E Apollo Ave        2100

   S Country Club Way  6100
   E Watson Dr         2000

   E Goodman Dr        2100
   S River Rd          6400
   E Vaughn St         1600

   E Vaughn St         2000
   S Rockford Dr       6600
Not Mayberry

While I was taking a picture of the south 6600/east 2000 street signs, a boy who had just gotten off a school bus asked me what I was taking a picture of. I asked him what grade he was in and he said fourth. I asked him if he had ever heard of geometry and he replied in a somewhat affirmative way. I was getting ready to ask him if he had heard of pi when the students on the bus started yelling for him to go home. I looked at him and told him that he better go home. I snapped a picture of the school bus as it drove away to the south. I learned later that this was a "stranger danger" situation.

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Created: 15 February 2006
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