BARS::Seeking Pi Street Signs in Tempe, Arizona

On Friday, 3 March 2006, TempeHiker attended the groundbreaking of an "environmentally-friendly" transportation facility located at 2050 W. Rio Salado Parkway in Tempe. This facility is a joint effort between Valley Metro and the cities of Tempe and Scottsdale.

TempeHiker drove south into Tempe and parked at the Jaycee Park located at W. 5th St. and S. Hardy Ave. He hiked to the groundbreaking using the following directions.

   W on W 5th St; N on S Beck Ave; W on W 4th St;
   N on S Priest Ave; W on W 3rd St; N on Lincoln Lane
   W on W 1st St; N at 52nd St/Rio Salado Pkwy connection

TempeHiker encountered the following street signs along the way.

The next sign... {picture}

   1415 W. 3rd St.

   pi written to four decimal places is 3.1415

The next sign... {picture}

   W 3rd St  1400

   pi written to two decimal places is 3.14

   3.1400 does not equal 3.1415, but it does
   equal pi rounded to the nearest tenth

[side-bar] TempeHiker encountered a prime number speed limit sign while walking west on W. 3rd Street.

The next sign... {picture}

   W 1st St  1900
   S 52nd St  100
   W Rio Salado Pkwy  1800

   the numbers are: 1, 1900, 52, 100, 1800

   summation(52, summation(1, sqrt(100))) + (1900 - 1800)

   sqrt(100) = 10
   summation(1, 10) = 55
   summation(52, 55) = 214
   1900 - 1800 = 100
   214 + 100 = 314

   If the signs had another 100, then 
   we could do  314/100  and get 3.14.

Here is the image with another 100 e-graffiti on the back of the stop sign.

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Created: 04 March 2006
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