BARS::9 Miles to Adair on US Hwy-136 in Illinois

RoadHacker saw a road sign while driving east on US Hwy-136 in Illinois.

RoadHacker didn't get a picture of the road sign, which was located east of Macomb. He remembered the two numbers in the road sign, but he wasn't sure about the towns. He thought the two towns were Adair and Havana, but he wasn't 100% sure. Upon returning home, he used Maps.Yahoo to learn the following.

   Macomb to Adair......  11.6 miles 
   Adair to Havana......  28.3 miles

   Macomb to Havana.....  42.2 miles

Based upon the information obtained from, RoadHacker is relatively sure that the towns in the road sign were Adair and Havana.

   | Adair     9 |
   | Havana   36 |
   the numbers are:  9  36

   the math is:  sqrt(9)! = sqrt(36)
      sqrt(9) = 3
      3! = 6
      sqrt(36) = 6

   rs42Eval:  36 + sqrt(9)! = 42

The following was inserted in this BARS for future examination.

    adair: 232444777  (sums to 40)
   havana: 4428882662 (sums to 50)
   the numbers become:  9  36  40  50

   the math is: ???

Creator: Gerald Thurman []
Created: 16 May 2008

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