Every Road Sign is a BARS (Basic Arithmetic Road Sign)

MathBabbler started using the following motto during the Spring 2008 semester.

   Every road sign is a BARS.

BARS stands for Basic Arithmetic Road Sign.

   rsPiEval:   expression evaluates to an approximation of Pi (3.14)
               or Pi radians
   rsPhiEval:  expression evaluates to Phi [(1+sqrt(5))/2]
   rsHwyEval:  expression evaluates to the highway number on which
               the road sign was discovered
   rsAgeEval:  expression evaluates to the age RoadHacker was when
               he discovered the road sign or it evaluates to the
               age MathBabbler was when he found the equation
   rs42Eval:   expression evaluates to the answer to the "ultimate 
               question of life, the universe and everything" 
               ["42 will do" (Douglas Adams)]
   rsTweetLenEval:  expression evaluates to 140; the maximum length
                    of a Twitter posting (i.e. tweet)
   rsStateEval:  expression evaluates to the state "number" in
                 which the sign was found (e.g. AZ is state 48)
                 [added 03 May 2009]
   rsDupEval:  expression evaluates to one number from the sign
               that has been duplicated
   rsFacebookStatusLenEval:  expression evaluates to 420; the maximum 
                             length of a Facebook status update
   rsRomanNumeralDigitEval:  expression evaluates to a Roman numeral digit
                             that is found in the road sign (e.g. I-40)
   rsCardinalityEval:  expression evaluates to the number of numbers
                       in the road sign
   rs37Eval:   expression evaluates to the number 37

Other road sign labels.

   primeRS: all numbers in the road sign are prime numbers
   compositeRS: all numbers in the road sign are composite numbers 
   [added 29 December 2013]
BARS Functions
   composite numbers:
      sum_prime_factors(n) alias spf(n)
      sum_proper_divisors(n) alias spd(n)

   prime numbers:
      multiply_digits(n) alias mult_digits(n)

   all numbers:

      avg(a, b [,...])            divisor is free
      summation(a, b)             alias summation([a, b])
      summation([a, b])
      summation([a, b))
      summation((a, b])
      summation((a, b))
      gcf(a, b [,...])
      lcm(a, b [,...])

   number systems (base-10 is default):
      baseA_to_baseB(n)          e.g. base10_to_base2(n)

   built-in math functions (all numbers):
      cuberoot(n)    [Google uses cube root(n)]
      nthroot(n)     [where n=4,5,6,... e.g. 4throot(n), 5throot(n)]
      log(n)         [defaults to base-10]
      ln(n)          [defaults to base-e]


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Creator: Gerald Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 30 April 2008 (posted 17 May 2008)

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