BARS::The 2-Hour 87 Roadtrip

Driving the collection of 87 Arizona highways (state routes) on the 87th day of 2006 (28 March 2006).

RoadHacker was waiting to make a right-turn onto AZ Hwy-87 when he was rear-ended by another vehicle. His poor Toy car suffered a decent dent. RoadHacker was foo'd about the accident, but he decided do a two-hour version of his 87 roadtrip.

We went south on AZ Hwy-87 and--at the AZ Hwy-87/587 junction--we continued south on AZ Hwy-587. It was an overcast AM with sprinkles of rain. The six mile drive on AZ Hwy-587 resulted in the following Basic Arithmetic Road Sign. [(10 - 6)! = 24]

At the end of AZ Hwy-587 we went east (south) on I-10.

Note: the number 587 is a prime number.

We exited I-10 and went east on AZ Hwy-387 to its junction with AZ Hwy-187. The AZ Hwy-387/187 junction is a littered mess.

We returned to I-10 and drove south to Exit #194 to get a picture of an AZ Hwy-287 roadsign. Ironically, the song Signs (dot-mov) was playing on the radio when we got to AZ Hwy-287.

Note: the numbers 87, 187, 287 and 387 are composite numbers (i.e. they are not prime numbers).

We returned to I-10 and drove west (north) back to Tempe. The following roadsigns were taken on the drive home and we need to see if any of them are BARS (Basic Arithmetic Road Signs).

We had set the odometer at zero when we entered Loop 101 at the start of the trip. The odometer reading at the end of the trip was 87.6, which when rounded down to the nearest integer (whole number) is 87.

[side-bar] RoadHacker will do the Full-Day 87 Roadtrip on day 187 of 2006 (Thursday, 6 July 2006).

  1. Compute the mean of the highway numbers containing 87. (87,187,287,387,587)

  2. Record the median of the highway numbers containing 87.

  3. Compute the sum of the highway numbers containing 87 and round the answer to the nearest 100.

  4. Round each highway number containing 87 to the nearest 100 and compute the sum of the rounded values.

  5. Record what percentage of the highway numbers containing 87 are prime numbers.

  6. The numbers 101 and 10 are valid binary (base-2) numbers. Convert 1012 and 102 to their equivalent decimal (base-10) values.

  7. The number 202 is a valid octal (base-8) number. Convert 2028 to its equivalent decimal (base-10) value.

  8. The Two-Hour 87 Roadtrip included driving on Loop 101, Loop 202 and I-10. The number 101 is prime; the numbers 202 and 10 are not prime. List the prime factors for the number 202.

  9. According to the, AZ Hwy-487 was going to be what is now Mormon Lake Road ( Coconino County Road 3). No or Yes: the number 487 is a prime number.


Math was discovered in one of the roadsigns found along I-10. {GDT::BAB::BARS:: I-10 Road Sign Containing the Numbers 347, 202, 60, 12, 5, 2}

Creator: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 28 March 2006

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