Google Turns Nineteen Years Young

GDT (i.e. MathBabbler's father) posted the following to his Facebook on 27 September 2017.

   I don't do birthday wishes on Facebook, but I'm going to say happy 19th 
   birthday to Google. Google's now parent -- Alphabet Inc. -- turns 19 
   with an approximate market value of $645,190,000,000. At what age will 
   Alphabet become a trillion dollar company? If only we had a crystal ball. 
   Happy Birthday, Google.

  1. No or Yes: 19 is a prime number.

  2. Google turned 19 years of age approximately $_____________________ away from being a trillion dollar market valued company. [record answer as a whole number]

  3. $354,810,000,000 rounded to the nearest billion is $___________________________.

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Created: 27 September 2017

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