Betty Hits 88 Years of Age (ditto for Bob Newhart)

MathBabbler's mom, Betty, turned 88 years of age on 5 September 2017.

The following information was obtained from

      From and including: Thursday, September 5, 1929
   To, but not including: Saturday, September 5, 2017

   It is 32,142 days from the start date to the end date, but not 
   including the end date Or 88 years excluding the end date.
   32,142 days can be converted to one of these units:
   * 2,777,068,800 seconds
   * 46,284,480 minutes
   * 771,408 hours
   * 4591 weeks (rounded down)

Betty will hit the century mark in the year 2029.

54 days after Betty was born Wall Street crashed (29 October 1929) and the Great Depression began.

According the CPI Inflation Calculator at, $1.00 in 1929 as the same buying power as $14.15 in 2017.

MathBabbler has always liked Bob Newhart and he created two BABs during October and November of 2006 that mentioned Bob Newhart. While working on this BAB for his mom's birthday, MathBabbler learned that Bob Newhart and his mother where born on the same day of the say year (i.e. they share a brithday).

On 30 October 2006, the Arizona Republic printed the following quote by Bob Newhart.

   "If someone says in 14 days they covered 5,200 miles,
    I have to get a piece of paper and figure how many
    miles per day that is.  I get mad at myself 'cause
    I think, 'What difference does it make?' But I have
    to know." -- Bob Newhart on "his fascination with 
                 numbers," via the Associated Press 
  1. The prime factorization for 88 is _______________________.

  2. 88 years is ________ decades. [1 decade = 10 years]

  3. 88 years is ________ score and ____ years. [1 score = 20]

  4. MathBabbler was 60 years young when Betty turned 88 years old; therefore, Betty was __________ years of age when she gave birth to Gerald (a.k.a. MathBabbler).

  5. 5,200 miles in 14 days is approximately ________ miles per day. [round to nearest thousandth]

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Created: 05 September 2017

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