2 Pi (Tau) Day 2017 Report (Part 0)

MathBabbler's 2 Pi Day 2017 (Tau Day) was spent doing a 1-day Tempe to Gila Bend to Casa Grande to Tempe road trip.

   total miles:  187
   duration:  7 hours (4:10am to 11:10am)
   gas usage:  6.57 gallons 
   cost of gas:  $14.45
  1. 187 miles driven using 6.57 gallons of gas is _______ miles per gallon. [round to nearest tenth]

  2. 187 miles driven in 7 hours is an average speed of _______ miles per hour. [round to nearest tenth]

  3. Upon filling up the tank with gas upon returning to Tempe, MathBabbler paid $______ per gallon. [round to nearest thousandth]

Creator: Gerald Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 02 July 2017

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