Winter 2017-January Break Sets Record BABbling Session

This was BAB# 33 of the Winter 2017-January Break BABbling session making it the most active Winter January Break BABbling session. Winter 2007-January Break, with 32 BABs, was the previous most active January Break BABbling session. Note: Winter 2007-January Break was 14 days long compared to the nine day Winter 2017-January Break.

  1. 33 BABs posted in 8 days is a BABbling rate of _____ BABs per day. [round to nearest thousandth]

  2. The prime factors for 33 are ____ and _____.

  3. 25 of the 33 BABs posting during the Winter 2017-January Break BABbling session were nBABs. 25 is _____% of 33. [round to nearest hundredth]

Creator: Gerald Thurman []
Created: 08 January 2017

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