Two Palindromic Odometer Moments

MathBabbler's "I drive a car just like my dad's" Buick hit 62626 miles on 9 January 2015. The previous palindromic odometer moment that resulted in a nBAB occurreed on 29 August 2014 when the odometer hit 60606 miles.

  1. The difference between 62626 and 60606 is _______.

  2. It took 133 days for MathBabbler's car's odometer to increase 2020 miles. In other words, MathBabbler's car was driven approximately _______ miles per day between [round to nearest tenth]

  3. The prime factorization for 60606 is 2*3*3*7*13*37. The prime factorization for 62626 is 2*173*181. The fraction 60606/62626 expressed in reduced lowest form is _______/_______.

Creator: Gerald Thurman []
Created: 10 January 2015

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