Planning For Pi Day 2012

Back on 11 October 2011, MathBabbler bought train tickets to visit his parents in Joliet, Illinois, during Spring Break 2012. In other words, MathBabbler will be in Joliet on Pi Day 2012. He didn't have any Pi Day plan, but that changed on 27 December 2011 when American Road Magazine posted the following to their Facebook.

   In 1940 the very first Dairy Queen opened its doors on Rt 66 in 
   Joliet @ 501 N Chicago St. Fun facts about Joliet:

Hmm... 501 N. Chicago Street in downtown Joliet, Illinois?

MathBabbler morphed into RoadHacker and used Google Maps to find this exact location. It turns out RoadHacker has not visited this spot, so 501 N. Chicago Street, Joliet, IL will be the hub for MathBabbler's Pi Day 2012 activities.

MathBabbler never goes to Dairy Queen, so he went to and read The History of Dairy Queen: A Story of Sweet Success.

   "Our phenomenal story began with a 10 cent sale of a then unnamed product 
    on August 4, 1938, in Kankakee, Illinois." [source:]

Hmm... Where in Kankakee?


   "Not the first Dairy Queen, but the first franchise Dairy Queen. 
    An important distinction among purists (the first was in Joliet).
    Address: corner Wall and Station Sts., Kankakee, IL

The Dairy Queen history continued.

   "Over the years, Dairy Queen acquired Orange Julius® of America 
    and Karmelkorn® Shoppes, Inc."

Interesting tidbit, but Orange Julius and Karmelkorn Shoppes are not part of the Pi Day 2012 plan.

   "In January 1998, International Dairy Queen, Inc. and its subsidiary 
    companies were purchased by Berkshire Hathaway Inc."

Hmm... Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway?

On 29 December 2011, Berkshire Hathaway Class-A shares (BRK.A) were priced at $114,700.00 per share.

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Created: 28 December 2011

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Details...Work In Progress

Start at I-55 and US Hwy-30 (Lincoln Highway/Plainfield Road) near the Louis Joliet Mall in Joliet, Illinois.

Lincoln Highway (US Hwy-30) to Ruby St. to St. Johns Cemetery.

Raub St. to Douglas St. to the University of St. Francis campus located along the Lincoln Highway (US Hwy-30/Plainfield Rd).

Douglas St to N. Raynor Ave. to The Cathedral Area.

W. Jefferson St. to St. Patrick's Cemetery.

W. Jefferson St. to N. Central St. which turns into S. Central St. to Haley Mansion at W. Marion St.

W. Marion St. turns into S. Bluff St. which quickly becomes N. Bluff St.

Bicentennial Park at W. Jefferson St. (US Hwy-30; bridge).

Jefferson St. over bridge into downtown Joliet.

E. Jefferson St./US Hwy-30/US Hwy-6 to US Hwy-30/Cass St.

Go to terminus of N. Bluff St. just past IL Hwy-53.

Bluff Street.

Approximate 80 mile road trip Joliet to Kankakee to Joliet. The road trip will include a stop at Sun Motel in Braidwood, which was the Braidwood Inn in the movie "Planes, Trains and Automobiles."