Fall 2010 Semester to Winter 2010 Break Transition

There were 76 BABs posted during the Fall 2010 BABbling session, The session was 123 days long, which is a BABbling rate of 0.618 of a BAB per day.

15 existing BABs were updated a total of 27 times during the Fall 2010 session.

The Fall 2010 BABbling session ended with 2973 BABs. 679 of the BABs were BARS (Basic Arithmetic Road Signs), 194 of them were Basic Algebra Bits (algeBABs) and 400 of them were number BABs (nBABs).

With respect to nBABs... There were 23 nBAB collections at the end of the Fall 2010 session and no programs were added to the MBNA (MathBabbler Number Analyst) during the session.

BADs (Basic Arithmetic Dates) became top-level BABs (just like BARS and nBABs) during the Fall 2010 session.

There were 9 postings to the MathBabbler blog during the Fall 2010 session.

MathBabbler started using Twitter on 8 June 2009. The The Fall 2009 session ended with 402 tweets and 62 followers. The Fall 2010 session ended with 1111 tweets, 181 followers, following 90 and listed 25 times.

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