Google Honors L. L. Zamenhof

On 15 December 2009, Google morphed its logo to honor L. L. Zamenhof. MathBabbler did know anything about Zamenhof, so he used the Wikipedia to learn the following.

   "Ludovic Lazarus Zamenhof was an ophthalmologist, philologist, 
    and the inventor of Esperanto, a constructed language designed 
    for international communication."

Also from the Wikipedia, Zamenhof was born 15 December 1859 and he died on 14 April 1917.

   "I was born in Bielstock, in the department of Grodno (Russia), 
    where I spent the days of my boyhood. This fortuitous circumstance 
    determined the direction of my future ambitions, for the inhabitants 
    of Bielstock are of four different nationalities--Russians, Poles, 
    Germans, and Jews--each of which speaks a separate language, and 
    is on bad terms with the others. There, more than anywhere else, 
    an impressionable nature feels the heavy misfortune of diversity 
    of tongues. One is convinced at every step that the diversity of 
    language is the only, or at least the chief, cause which separates 
    the human family and divides it into inimical sections."
    --from The Birth of Esperanto by Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof

Note: MathBabbler had to look up inimical... "having the disposition of an enemy."

  1. December 15th of the current year will be the ________ anniversary of the birth of L. L. Zamenhof.

  2. No or Yes. L. L. Zamenhof lived long enough to experience his 58th birthday.

  3. Zamehof's birth year of 1859 has two unique prime factors and they are ______ and ________.

  4. No or Yes. log16(1859) (2.71508) approximates e (2.71828183) rounded to the nearest hundredth.

  5. No or Yes. log11(1859) (3.13933) approximates Pi (3.14159265) rounded to the nearest hundredth.

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