LinkedIn Going Freemium

Get basic service for free, but then pay for premium services.

   "U.S. consumers will spend $8.55 billion on Web content 
    such as games, music and dating in 2010, up 13 percent 
    from this year, according to Forrester Research Inc."

   "Spending for online content in the U.S. will increase 9.3 
    percent a year on average through 2013, reaching $10.8 
    billion." -- Forrester Research Inc. Joins ESPN, Skype in Shifting from Free to 'Freemium'

  1. 13% written as a fraction is ____/____.

  2. 13% written as a decimal number is ____/____.

  3. 8.55 billion increased to 10.8 billion is a _______% increase.

  4. 8.55 billion written in scientific notation is ____________________.

  5. U.S. consumers spent $___________________ on Web content in 2009.

  6. [algebra] Define an exponential function S(t) that models the growth of U.S. spending for online content from 2010 through 2013. Use $8.55 billion as an initial value; a growth rate of 9.3%; and let t = 0 represent the year 2010. S(t) = _____________

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