Coming Soon? 4096-Byte Hard Disk Drive Sectors

MathBabbler took his first computer class in 1977 and during that time hard disk drives were partitioned in 512-byte sectors, but the technological times are a changing (albeit slowly when it comes to re-sizing hard disk drive sectors).

   "IDEMA, the International Disk Drive, Equipment, and Materials 
    Association, has announced the results of an industry committee 
    assembled to identify a new and longer sector standard for 
    future magnetic hard disk drives (HDDs). This Committee 
    recommended replacing the 30 year-standard of 512 bytes 
    with sectors having ability to store 4096 bytes."

According to a posting resizing the HDD sectors "may not be a smooth transition, because some OSes do not align partitions on 4K boundaries."

  1. 512/4096 written as a reduced fraction in its lowest form is _____/_____.

  2. 512 increased to 4096 is a _______% increase.

  3. 512 is _______% less than 4096.

  4. log2(512) = _____

  5. log2(4096) = _____

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Created: 28 December 2009

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